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Young Investigators: Have you considered joining the Society for Scientific Exploration? WOULD YOU LIKE TO START A SCIENCE OF SELF CLUB AT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL OR UNIVERSITY? Contact Nelson DOT Abreu AT iacworld DOT org

Interview with IAC Florida instructor Nelson Abreu on out-of-body experience research on JJ Lumsden's Parapsychology Blog
IAC returns to Gainesville, Florida Fall 2010! Check out all event info on the IAC websiteor the IAC Facebook page

SOS Club founder and International Academy of Consciousness volunteer-instructor specializing in out-of-body experience and subtle energy voluntary mobilization to present at 35th Conference of the IIIHS in Montreal, Canada on July 18, 2010.

October 2009: Science of Self Club founder, Nelson Abreu, currently an instructor at International Academy of Consciousness was interviewed on the out-of-body experience on Vlad Moskovski's Meditation Secrets Revealed blog.

October 2009: New blog! Check out Manori Sumanasinghe's blog on Consciousness & Architecture

September 2009: Science of Self Club founder returned to University of Florida to lecture at Dr. Barbara Welsch's PSY 4930: Introduction to Consciousness Studies on PEAR/ICRL consciousness-related anomaly research. Patricia Ribeiro of International Academy of Consciousness also presented on the Consciential Paradigm and out-of-body experience research.

July 2009: New book by ICRL Press features chapter by Science of Self Club founder. Edited by Zackery Jones, FILTERS AND REFLECTIONS: PERSPECTIVES ON CONSCIOUSNESS, is an anthology of nineteen essays by members of the International Consciousness Research Laboratories consortium reflecting on the seminal work, reprinted in this book, "Filters, Sensors, and the Source of Reality" by the heads of the former PEAR Laboratory Brenda Dunne and Robert Jahn. Enjoy! And look for the chapter on out-of-body experience and multidimensional filters by Nelson Abreu.

SoS Club Founder and now IAC instructor Nelson Abreu and IAC volunteer Manori Sumanasinghe discuss "Consciousness and Architecture" at Miami-Dade College TV's ArchForum, hosted by Lyle Culver, Assoc. Prof. at MDC School of Architecture & Interior Design (First 28 minutes of video).

Interesting Interview on OBE with Wagner Alegretti

Web Seminar: Out-of-Body Experience, Science, and Spiritual Evolution

Preview of the PEAR Proposition - A virtual tour of the historic PEAR Laboratory

Interview with Dr. Jim Tucker on children's recall of past lives research

IIPC Documentary on experiential, scientific approach to consciousness using OBE's

More videos

AUGUST 24, 2007: Two studies in the journal Science claim to study the out-of-body experience by reducing it to an inadequate 3-point definition. Even the most respected mainstream media stenographed the claims without criticism, showing how easy how skepticism is usually under-applied when supporting widely-held worldviews and often scoffing when alternative views are put forth. It also shows that brain experts without direct, personal experience are quite clueless about the actual out-of-body experience. Here are three analyses that point out what most have missed:
Abreu's review
Slate's Engbar one of few journalists who demonstrated intellect in this matter
IANDS' analysis of 2002 Blanke study
Online discussion of 2002 Blanke study
FEBRUARY 9, 2007: The annual meeting/conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration (including the student section Young Investigators Society) will be in Michigan in June. There is also a European conference in Norway Details
NOVEMBER, 2006: The Earth's first facility designed to facilitate and research out-of-body experiences was inaugurated in the first European campus of consciousness research and development. Find out more about THE PROJECTARIUM.
JUNE 17, 2006: Our esteemed mentor, physicist Evan Harris Walker, who had generously agreed to lecture at this year's PSY 4930: Consciousness Studies course at UF, has passed on. Students may still have the chance to be touched by his humor and insights, but they will have to do some "work." Happy projections! Dr. Walker's body will be burried at Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham, next to his parents' - no service is planned. There will be, however, a memorial on September 9. For information, please contact the family at
Consciousness Physics Pioneer Dies, 71; Dr Evan Harris Walker

FALL 2006, OBE TRAINING: The IAC-Miami and its Consciousness Development Program returns to Gainesville for the 3rd year! We have had folks come from all over North/Central Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Ocala), even Atlanta, to learn how to have more frequent, controlled, conscious, recalled, and productive (educational, self-investigative or assitantial) out-of-body experiences . Several students have had their first intentional out-of-body experiences and have felt bioenergy (chi) for the first time as well, in class and by continuing the training after taking the course. The Science of Self Club endorces the CDP for helping raise intellectual self-defense (omni-questioning) and the *practical* (lived) multi-level, self-awareness of residents and some of the future social and scientific reformers of the world at the 4th largest college in the US.

Fear is a WMD (Weapon of Mass Deception). Knowledge is the antidote of fear. Knowledge comes from experience. One innefable experience is worth more than a thousand theoretical words.
Omni-questioning is intellectual self-defense. Have you questioned the paradigms that frame your life and our societies?

Note: The IAC is a volunteer-based, 501(c)3 non-profit. Over 200,000 students have taken the CDP in South America, USA, Mexico, Europe, Japan, and Australia.
DATES: Oct 14-15, Oct 21-22, Nov 4-5, Nov 11-12 (CD 1 is pre-req for CD2 and so on)
Location: Gainesville, FL at UF campus (leisure course) or in the vicinity (TBA)
Prices: At the door $96/weekend.
Full-time students: $43/weekend (advanced registration, 2 or more weekends)
Others: $86/weekend (25% discount when registering for all four modules)
FULL REFUND after first 2.5-hour lecture if you change your mind
Registration:, 888-234-4472, or register online:
Students register CD1 & CD2 for half off. Register twice for the 4 modules
Register for CD1-3, CD4 is free
Register for CD1 only

The International Consciousness Research Laboratory (ICRL) has released a historical CD/DVD course about the two decades of rigorous scientific investigation and theoretical development at Princeton University on matter-consciousness interaction and remote perception. For only $60, you can add to your library 9 hours of insightful lecture, a laboratory tour, and conversations between Dr. Jahn and Brenda Dunne - pioneers of the science of consciousness, and more. If you are interested in taking this course in Gainesville, we can organize a screening with the OK of ICRL.
For a preview, click on "The PEAR Proposition."

The Florida IONS Learning Community will hold a state-wide event to experience and investigate morphic resonance, consciousness fields or "heart fields." The event will take place in Winter Park (Orlando area), Florida on 11/11/2006. For more information contact Sharon Joy Kleisch at kleitsch AT

One of Young Investigator Program's newest members, Ryan Hunt (University of Georgia) has expressed his intentions to start a student club in Athens, Georgia. He has just returned from a biophotonics training summer program led by Dr. Fritz Popp in Germany. We were excited to meet students from Dr. Modell's consciousness course (University of Colorado), bright and ready to conduct pilot studies, have "multidimensional" experiences, and raise awareness of this growing field.

The International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit consortium of consciousness research and scholarship. ICRL president and mentor of the SoS has recently welcomed several of our own to join the group: SoS advisor Dr. Barbara Welsch; Vincent Herzog, SoS Club founding member, Ashlee Valdes, Scientific Committee chair and VP; Colin Rackleman, SoS president; Chris Romero; Scott Flag, former PSY 4930 student and long-time collaborator of parapsychologist Dr. Andrew Nichols. Vincent Herzog, former president of the Undergraduate Philosophical Society at UF, is co-editing a book for ICRL - an anthology of essays reflecting on the PEAR Laboratory's essay "Filters, Sensors, and the Source of Reality."
PEAR Laboratory's publications online

The Science of Self Club participated once again of the Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration. This year (25th Edition) along with two presentations from University of Colorado (four students from Dr. Modell's consciousness course): Nelson Abreu's "Punctuated Progressive Relaxation OBE Technique: Toward a Participatory Science of Multidimensional Experience"; Pedro Machin and Nelson Abreu's "Consciental Asymmetry: Toward a Non-Reductionistic Framework and Ontology of Brain Function Laterality"; and Liz Kendall et al's "The Effects of genetically healthy and weakened Caenorhabditis elegans on a field Random Event Generator (REG)."
Conference Program
In 2005, Nelson Abreu (UF) and Mike Lydon (CUNY-Queens) represented the SoS at SSE for the first time.

Feature on SoS founder in Goa's "O Heraldo"


Prelude to the classic Margins of Reality
The Persistent Paradox of Psi Phenomena: An Engineering Perspective (Dr. Jahn's address to the IEEE)
Dr. Chalmers (Arizona/Australia)
Sandie Gustus / Nanci Trivellato on bioenergies
Introduction to Out-of-Body Experience on Nexus Magazine
Ano Zero magazine articles by Wagner Alegretti
From Shift MagazineWho's Afraid of Life After Death? and Consciousness: The Final Fronteir
Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove's The Roots of Consciousness
Integral theories
Transpersonal Psychology
Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Science
Energy Psychology and Holistic Medicine

University Courses on Consciousness Studies & Psi

Intro. to Contemp. Consciousness Studies (PSY elective), University of Florida
Other courses by UF Center for Spirituality & Health courses
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
A Course on Consciousness, University of Virginia
Edge of Science, University of Colorado
JFK University
California Institute of Integral Sciences
Scientific Studies of Consciousness, U Mass.
Self-Awareness Through Out-of-Body Experience (Continuing Ed), MDCC
History of Consciousness, UC - Santa Cruz
U of Houston, Texas
Mystical Consciousness, East & West; Columbia College, Chigaco
Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges
Development of social consciousness, Wesleyan U, CT
Rutger's University
Psychology of Consciousness, U Arizona
Consciousness, Science, and Religion, Binghamton - SUNY
Williams College, MA
States of Consciousness, Rider College, Princeton, NJ
Psychology of Consciousness, Harvard
Some conventional courses at CUNY
Nobel laureat Koch's mechanistic view
Neurodynamics, U Tennesee
Consciousness - PHIL 374, Tulane U, New Orleans
Cog Sci courses at Berkeley
A list of brain-based consciousness studies programs

Academic Institutions

UF Center for Spirituality & Health courses
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
FIU Center for Study of Spirituality (Miami)
Center for Frontier Science, Temple University, Pennsylvania
Danish Center for Study of Subjectivity
Academy of Intuition Medicine (California)
More to come.
More Consciousness Organizations
Yet another list

Scholarly Societies
The Society for Psychical Research
Society for Scientific Exploration
ASPR, New York
Parapsychology Association
American Assoc for Parapsychology
Scientific & Medical Network

Non-Profit Consciousness Organizations
International Consciousness Research Laboratories
International Academy of Consciousness
The Mindshift Institute, New York
Freiburg University, Germany
Instituto de Parapsicologia, Argentina

Consciousness Research Campuses
IAC - Portugal
CEAEC - Brazil
IONS - California
World's largest neuroscience center, MIT

Other Lists of Organizations
By Elsaesser-Valarino

Additional list of journals, by Patlavskiy
List by Young Investigators Program
A Partial Consciousness Reading List

Important Experiments

First Things First:
Much accomplished in 2 month's worth of research over a lenght of a century.

University of Virginia Division of Personality Studies on children who seem to recall past lives (most compelling: matching wounds cases)

Random Event Generators (REG)
Electric Space Propulsion pioneer Dr. Robert Jahn et al's 2-decade investigation on consciousness-machine interactions
Neuropathologist Peter Fenwick on chicks & REG-driven robot; also René Peoc'h and the Swiss Fondation Marcel et Monique Odier de Psycho-Physique

Cognitive Sciences Laboratory's Research Library": Anticipatory Skin Conductance; Remote Viewing; and more
Marilyn Schlitz and Wiseman's remote staring / DMILS experiment with "psi missing" / experimenter's effect.
Biologist Rupert Sheldrake's experiments on animal telepathy, feeling of being stared at, and more
J. B. Rhine
The Ganzfeld
Russell Targ's distant healing research
Wm. Roll, poltergeist research
Honorton/Krippner et al's dream telepathy research
Putoff & zero-point energy
Bioenergy pilot studies
Dr. William Tiller on Subtle Energies
Psychotronics in the Cold War Eastern Bloc
On the legitimacy of Energy Medicine

Dr. Charles Tart's original OBE experiments
Compelling Near-Death Experience Findings at IANDS
SoS Literature Reviews related to NDE by Cortez and Abreu
Wagner Alegretti & Nanci Trivellato's Projective Field experiments

Online Videos
The PEAR Proposition
Stargate Remote Viewing research documentary
Closer to Truth series
Discovery Channel (Latin America), featuring researchers Wagner Alegretti (IAC); Stanley Krippner (Saybrook); images from the treatise Projectiology
(dubbed in Portuguese)
University of Sao Paulo Sleep Lab study with CEAEC lucid projectors
Distant healing; Science & Spirituality by Marylin Schlitz, Elizabeth & Russell Targ, and others. Provided by IONS.
NDE Documentary on BBC
UF Spirituality & Health Talks

DDr Chalmer's web compilation
International Bibliography of Projectiology
Dr Jahn IEEE paper bibliography
from The Conscious Universe
Experimental Parapsychology (P.A.)
Parapsychology as a Science
Best Evidence
Survival (Theta Phenomemon Links
IAC - Spain releases IACcelerate Your Evolution series of shorts on consciousness studies in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Student Articles and Essays

COMING UP: Student work by Anthony Cortez, Ashlee Valdes, Timothy Conway, Mike Lydon, Colin Rackleman, Liz Kendall and Nelson Abreu.

Understanding the Consciousness as a means to Reduce Negative Human Behavior by Nelson Abreu (J. of Conscientiology, No. 10, 2000)

Methodology for Investigating the Hypothesis of Anomalous Remote Perceptions as Objective Phenomena by Nelson Abreu (Journal of Consciousness Studies - Abstracts of the 6th Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference, 2004; Concurrent Talk)

Near-Death Experience in the Medical Field by Anthony Cortez (UF, 2005)

Review of Near-Death Experience Research (2006)

Overcoming Fear of the OBE by Nelson Abreu (Natural Awakenings mag of North Central Florida, Jan/Feb 2005

Energetic Contamination by Abreu adapted from Nanci Trivellato (Natural Awakenings magazine, Mar-Apr 2006)

Past Life Recall: Hocus Bogus or Science Fact? by N. Abreu (2004)

Overview of OBE Research by Nelson Abreu (2006)

Brief report of Science of Self Club Polls I & II (2002, 2003)

Fear & Political Affiliation by Nelson Abreu (2005)

Alternative experimental models for quantitative analysis of experimental research into remote-target perception by Nelson Abreu (J. Conscientiology, No. 19, 2002)

Report of UNIV-CON3 ghost hunting conference (2004)

Consciential Infinite Lifespan or The Odd Couple: Monist Life Extension and Dualist Immortality by Nelson Abreu & Pedro Machin (2005)

Evidence Suggestive of Existential Seriality (Reincarnation) by Nelson Abreu (2006)

Letter to the Editor, J. Conscientiology, No. 30 by N. Abreu (2006)

SSE 2005, Conference Report (similar version published in J. of Conscientiology, Issue 29, 2006)

Paradigmatic Evolution: Guiding an Emerging Reality by Vincent Herzog and Nelson Abreu; 2005 Int'l Symposium on Conscientiological Research, Portugal (proceedings to be published in J. of Conscientiology)

Passing the Baton to the Future You: Prospective Research on Reincarnation through the Time Capsule Project by Nelson Abreu (SSE 2005 talk)

The Science of the Future: Liberation from the Cartesian Prison by Mike Lydon (CUNY-Queens), 2005 talk, SSE 2005

Synchronicity talk at Seraphim Center, Gainesville, FL (Nelson Abreu, 2005)

Non-Local, Operator-Related Anomalies in Mechanical and Electronic Devices: Implications for Robotics by Nelson Abreu (poster presentation at 2006 Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics, FIU, Miami)

Consciousness, Recycled: Fueling Sustainability through Self-Concept Transformation by N. Abreu, John Begeman, Michelle O'Carroll (2006 entry to Campus & Community Sustainability Conference at UF)

Consciential Asymmetry: Toward a Non-Reductionist Framework and Ontology of Brain Function Laterality by Pedro Machin & Nelson Abreu (SSE 2006 talk)

Punctuated Progressive Relaxation Procedure for Will-Induced, Lucid Out-of-Body Experience by Nelson Abreu (SSE 2006 talk)

The Effects of genetically healthy and weakened Caenorhabditis elegans on a field Random Event Generator (REG)" by Elizabeth Kendall et al (SSE 2006 talk)

Vincent Herzog and Nelson Abreu have contributed a chapter each to the upcoming ICRL essay anthology; on the I Ching and Out-of-Body Experience, respectively. Each essay develops ideas from a particular vein in Dr. Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne's seminal essay "Filters, Sensors, and the Source of Reality." In addition, Herzog is co-editing this much-anticipated book.

Previous Annoucements

SSE 2005 in the media included an article in "Prism Magazine"
" Moddel, who has degrees from Stanford and Harvard, says he decided to venture into terra incognita and perform research on paranormal phenomena—precognition, telekinesis, clairvoyance—after reading some of the literature and finding it convincing. He’s published a paper that concludes that such phenomena may be consistent with the second law of thermodynamics. And this spring at Colorado, for a second year, he’ll teach an honors course called Edges of Science that urges students “to distinguish fuzzy thinking and an irrational response to new scientific concepts from a healthy skepticism.” "
See the Rest of the report

TIME's biased coverage of SSE 2005

The Third edition of PSY 4930- Consciousness Studies at UF is on for Fall 2006. Sponsored by UF Center for Spirituality & Health. The course was created with the assistance of the Science of Self Club.

SciSelf@UF alumnus, Vincent Herzog, to co-edit an anthology on consciousness studies based on PEAR's "Sensors, Filters, and the Source of Reality."

Ashlee Valdes to cooperate on PEAR/ICRL consciousness-related engineering anomaly research project "Fantasya."

This summer, Michael Lydon and Nelson Abreu spoke at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration. There was a (rather slanted) report on TIME magazine.

New SciSelf Club branch is formalizing at UVSC, Utah from a discussion group led by SSE councilman John MacLean, PhD.

Dr. Waldo Vieira's newly translated tome "Projectiology" was recommended for graduate students interested in consciousness in a review published in the J. of Parapsychology.


Marvel Comics X-Men Dr. Francis Xavier's Cerebro look-alike comes to life
THE PROJECTARIUM in southern Portugal will be the first structure in the world especifically designed to faciliate out-of-body experiences.
Half of the main sphere is already built with donations from over 150 individuals from Brazil, Australia, Europe, and the USA. Contact if you are able to donate or if you would like to donate books for Europe's first campus of consciential research, in operation since 2000.

More about> the projectarium
The projectarium will be the most eye-catching of the consciential laboratories at the campus. The three hours of Waking Physical Immobility Laboratory is up and running with users reporting an outstanding energetic field.

Also on Spotlight Spirituality in Higher Education (National Study)

1st International Symposium on Conscientiological Research at the first consciousness studies campus in Europe Details
The first laboratory (Waking Physical Immobility) and some support buildings are already built. Contact to help build the Projectarium and other labs.

The Sense of Being Stared At - Scrutinized In this special edition of JCS Rupert summarises his case for the 'non-visual detection of staring'. His claims are scrutinised by fourteen critics, to whom Rupert then responds.
AUGUST, 2005
Breakthrough Study on EEG of Meditation
Review by Dr. Stewart Hammeroff
Science & Consciousness Review

JULY, 2005
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake invites you to try an ONLINE EXPERIMENT.

JUNE, 2005
Special Edition of the J. of Conscientiology (N. 26) on the Intermissive Period (period between lives) or Intermission, a critical but widely under-published topic even in non-materialistic camps.

There are few other titles on this topic that we are aware of: Retrocognitions: An Investigation into Memories of Past Lives and the Period Between Lives by Wagner Alegretti; Our Evolution by Waldo Vieira, MD; Projections of the Consciousness, Waldo Vieira, MD; Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton; and Life Between Life by Joe Fisher, Joel Whitten; the most recent and most scientific thus far (a tip of the hat to) Jim Tucker, MD from University of Virginia ("Life Before Life").

Major Events

THIS WEEKEND (Sept 10 & 11): The CONSCIOUSNESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM returns to Gainesville with experienced instructors and sensitives-projectors Rodrigo Medeiros & Patricia Sousa from the International Academy of Consciousness.
Don't miss out on your chance to learn more and practice in a special setting how to control your energies and develop the ability to have lucid, controlled, will-induced out-of-body experiences to increase your self-knowledge, integral maturity and awareness!
Early registration (50% off for students) is open for the Consciousness Development Program. Last semester we had 20 students who experienced clairvoyance, out-of-body experience, retrocognition, bioenergy sensations, and discussed about reincarnation, levels of evolution, spiritual guides, cosmoethics, bioenergies in daily life, etc. The course is about half theory (class, discussion) and half practice (practical exercises of clairvoyance, astral projection, and energy work). It adopts a more scientific and personal experience-based approach to psychic phenomena and spirituality.
More about: More About
For part 1 (10 hours): $85

For parts one and two (20 hours): $160

For the entire program (40 hours) $290

For UF/SFCC Students (Student id Required):
For part 1 (10 hours): $43
For parts one and two (20 hours): $86
For the entire program (40 hours) $172

Selected Previous Events

UNITY WEEK – University of Florida – Sept. 27 to Oct. 3, 2004

We are partnered with the Unity Club, Knowledge Within, and Gainesville Buddhist Association and other science and spirituality clubs at UF to promote “Unity through transcendental experience”. Supported by UF's President Machen and sponsored by local philantropists and UF’s ACCENT speaker bureau. This opening edition is dedicated to Gandhi, whose birthday we’ll celebrate on October 2. “You must first change yourSELF, if you want to see that change in the world! Take a look at the incredible line up of speakers and workshops!

Self-Awareness through the Out-of-Body Experience – University of Florida – Oct. 2 & Oct. 3, 2004

This course is equivalent to Consciousness Development Course 1

Seating is limited! Contact us (352-262-9181) to reserve a seat!

UNIV-CON 3 – Pennsylvania State University – October 29 – 31, 2004

Fly-In Contest 1 - CHECK THE RESULTS!

Previous Colloquia

I Colloquium on Consciousness Studies (Summer 2003)

II Colloquium on Consciousness Studies (Spring 2004)

Cinescussion - IONS presents: "The Mind in Matter" - Modern Psi Research video presentation. Coming this February.

Four Avatar Masters to introduce the personal development approach at UF to help you create the life you choose!
Sunday, January 30, 2005
3-5 pm

Florida Partners

You can join the email lists or visit the websites of these FLORIDA consciousness-related organizations for updates:
Science of Self Club @ UF:
Internatinal Academy of Consciousness:
Florida Institute of Noetic Sciences
Institute of Noetic Sciences - Suzanne Wynn, Gainesville coordinator:
The UF Center for Spirituality and Health


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