Energetic or Psychological Contamination

By Nanci Trivellato and Nelson Abreu

Among poorly understood topics in medicine and behavioral studies is so-called psychological contamination, that is, the transmission of attitudes through mental influence or the imitation reflex. Although this process is well-known among psychiatrists, psychologists, and sociologists, many of these professionals do not consider its bioenergetic aspect.

  You may have observed how, if a person yawns, sneezes, laughs, or cries others in the room may follow suit. This effect is more powerful in large crowds, like a live sporting or entertainment event, where individuals may feel an unusual level of emotion and hundreds to thousands simultaneously laugh, cry, or feel connected to the same artist or athlete.  Another example can be found in charged political events where a small fight can propagate into a chaotic situation resulting in vandalism and even lynching involving many people who are otherwise peaceful by themselves. 

Herding and groupthink, or the restrictive influence of a group’s culture on an individual’s intellectuality, has become part of our lexicon. Emotional or affective rapport can also play a part in psychological or energetic contamination. A typical case of affective rapport is evidenced by the mother who can feel that her daughter is not feeling well at school and is invoking her help. A more objective example can be found in the work of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab, which found that couples perform better in remote perception and human-machine anomalous interaction studies.

Do you find that you act with less authenticity or exhibit certain behaviors when around different groups? The critic Noam Chomski coined the expression “intellectual self-defense” referring to thinking freely and critically without being gullible or lazy to verify the “facts” and the history behind events other than the version of the world we are told by family, the media, religion, government, etc.

These phenomena are related to auric coupling, that is, the temporary fusion of the auras (or energies) of people. This condition allows a natural, spontaneous, and instantaneous transfer of bioenergies. Even though one might not realize or perceive that the transfer occurred, that does not stop the other person’s or the group’s patterns of emotions, sensations, or ideas from affecting them.

Without a doubt, it is imperative that we understand we are constantly exchanging energies with people and places, even at a distance. This connection can intensify leading to reactions in our energetic field that can result in mental, emotional, or even physiological reactions. The more lucid we are with regards to our own energies, the better we can detect our auric couplings with other people – physical or non-physical, healthy or pathological – and we can cleanse and defend ourselves when necessary.

Dr. Eduardo Martins, a cardiologist and consciousness scholar at the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology in Belo Horizonte, Brazil has spent over a decade investigating how our thoughts and sentiments can modulate our energies and consequently affect our physical body and other individuals. “All too often we feed ourselves dispensible ideas that often have their roots in repressed emotions or energetic blockages, which in turn impede the flow of more evolved ideas.” Dr. Martins, currently engaged in a professional exchange with one of America’s top cardiology centers, will visit Florida, New York, and California in May to train individuals on cleaning their own “mental litter” and protecting themselves from environmental “consciential pollution” through awareness and intentional control of their energies.

With time, people may realize that thought is action and that when we invoke others – whether it is a sexual fantasy or replaying an argument – we establish an energetic connection with them. We can learn to identify these interactions and to decide whether or not they are healthy. Sometimes we might want to connect with someone with an ill pattern, donate energies, and then disconnect. This is different from being unwittingly or unwillingly drained such as with the typical phone call where the friend only calls to complain. Organizations like the IIPC and the IAC specialize on training individuals to become more aware of other dimensions of everyday life and to control their other bodies: the energosoma or holochakra (body of energies), the psychosoma (body of emotions, astral body), and the mentalsoma (body of discernment, ethics, and serene sentiment).

Nanci Trivellato (London, UK) is the scientific director of the International Academy of Consciousness, a 501(c)3 non-profit research and education organization. Nelson Abreu is a volunteer and instructor of the IAC – Miami which periodically teaches the Consciousness Development Program in Austin, TX. To contact the authors, please email florida@iacworld.org

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