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Science of Self Club (CREF) !


* Updated March 1, 2004 *

"The problem of consciousness" is nicely described by The Center for Consciousness Studies (University of Arizona)

A provokative approach is suggested by these researchers

As of April 2003, the Science of Self Club is an official student organization at the University of Florida. Website re-vamp underway! Please return for monthly updates.

About the Science of Self Club

Southeastern PSI Conference - April 2 - 4, 2004

Science & Consciousness Review

What are Conscientiology & Projectiology?
– an intro to these new sciences and how they may change your life, your world: the Consciential Revolution


Guidelines for Submitting your Anonymous Anomalous Experience Account [Coming Soon]

Cinescussion 1 Q & A Film 1 was:
Out-of-Body Experience: A glimpse of immortality

Consciousness-Related Conferences/Colloquia/Congresses Calendar

Consciousness-Related Periodicals

Consciousness-Related Links

Suggested Literature

Public Invitations for Participation from Different Researchers (new submissions are encouraged)

the C&P Q&A
- If you've uttered "Hum...", "I wonder...", "What if..." while you were reading, talking, and thinking about Conscientiology-related ideas - share the thought! There are others who like to stroke their chin!

Past & current CREF activities

RESEARCH *Coming up*
- experiments, participants, results, discussion: past, ongoing, planned, under-development

-         Consciousness Research & Society Survey
- Multidisciplinary critique on a consciocentric approach to the Kosovo crisis (canceled)
- Mental target projection with remote physical observation: (ongoing)
- Retrocognition, lucid dreams as springboards for conscious projections (ongoing)
- Bioenergy observation and mobilization
- Lucidity prolongation: sound; self-inquiry; mental dialogue; steel marbles/ lifted arm
- Guided LD/OBE (taped suggestions, live)
- Circumscribed Cross Idiomotor Questioning (self-hypnotism)
- The 1999-2000 CREF member message board

-         If you would like to participate in a project or experiment, contact us!

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IIPC Courses

Old Events

          II Jornada da Saúde da Consciência [Acompanhe pela net]

I Jornada de Educação – Pedagologia Consciencial (Brasil) – April 28 to May 1, 2001 [Visite este site]

            Conscienciologia e Projeciologia – Serie de debates em universidades (Portugal) [Email para mais informações]

Forum on Paranormal Phenomena – An open discussion on scientific approaches about paranormal phenomena

research (University of Miami, School of Business; September 7 to 9, 2001)  [Email for more info]

Thematic Seminar-Discussion Series on Conscientiology – Part I - Introduction (University of Florida, Spring 2001)

3rd ICPC – III International Congress of Projectiology and Conscientiology (New York; May 16 to 19, 2002)

                        * Call for papers: deadline is September 30, 2001  [Click for more info / Visite o site]

            Check these out for more events:

            International Academy of Conscientiology, Portugal

            International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology: Brazil, USA, Canada, Western Europe, China

            Center for Higher Studies of the Consciousness, Iguassu Falls, Brazil


YOUR THOUGHTS ON C&P and the site! (Coming up)

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Please share them with us!
Send us some lines

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Coming up:
OBE,LD,bioenergy: guidelines, techniques
Possible professional applications of C&P by field of study/practice
Members' original work:
- research reports;
- cultural and behavioral observations;
- theoretical or conceptual statements;
- cross scientific studies; book reviews;
- interviews; comments on conferences;
- biographical studies that would illustrate, refute, or contribute to conscientiological research;
- personal accounts of OBEs or related phenomena that would offer a significant conclusion to validate or debate projectiological concepts;
- papers expressing philosophic, scientific, or historical perspective on the study of the consciousness or the OBE.
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Online broadcast: Consciential Explorers' Club meetings; thematic debates & discussions; presentations
Member-researcher communication central (Password required)
Public forum
Surveys - IIPC survey, CREF UF/Nova HS/Plantation/general survey
Recommended links & resources - descriptions, excerpts, links, reviews of: courses, books, journals, videos, etc.
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