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Conscientiology and Projectiology are SCIENCES that study personality (its essence, manifestation, evolution) in a multidimensional context that includes the projection of the consciousness (aka out-of-body experience, astral projection) and bioenergy (aka vital energy, psychotronic energy, chi, prana).

There are myriads of applications of Conscientiology in conventional fields of study.
A sample of fields/majors that can benefit from such pioneering approaches are:
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Philosophy
- Neuroscience
- Physics
- Engineering
- History
- Health professions
- Life sciences / Biology 


One of the first laboratorial experiments on the out-of-body experience

IIPC Website:  The Sciences  --  FAQs on OBE, Near Death Experience (NDE), Bioenergy --  Articles (4) and a Waldo Vieira Interview

Things that may or may not be possible through the application out-of-body experience and bioenergy manipulation

C+P intro - a compilation of articles to introduce you to C&P

Thirteen conscientiology articles: OBE, bioenergy, consciousness research, applied C&P

Vários artigos conscienciais temáticos em Português (

Mais artigos em Português (



- Conscious Projection / out-of-body experience (lucid OBE)
- Conscious bioenergy control/manipulation

- Lucid dreaming


Some projective general tips  

William Buhlman’s projection suggestions

Generalities, classification, sample projection technique (

Mobilization of bioenergy & Psychological Projective Conditioning Technique (

Técnica para instalar o Estado Vibracional (

Técnica da Imobilidade Física Vigil (

More coming soon!





The Human Alien: Understanding the consciousness as a means to reduce negative human behavior - an essay on possible social effect of C&P

A consciocentric perspective on the Kosovo crisis

A consciocentric proposal for addressing drunk-driving problem in college towns

Do let us know about YOUR THOUGHTS on C&P


Center for Higher Studies of the Consciousness, Iguassu Falls, Brazil
International Academy of Conscientiology, Portugal, Europe
IIPC links

IIPC OBE survey        

Charles C. Goodin's Astral Projection Home Page

Treatise on Projection
Interesting study of the PC/OBE and multidimensionality

Out-of-body experiences -- OBE book by Robert Peterson
Bob Peterson reveals "what the books didn't tell him" by offering detailed descriptions of interesting OBE experiences and unexpected effects on physical life.

Traveling: An Accidental Expert's How-To Leave Your Body Handbook by Alan Guiden

Instituto Medeiros de Pesquisas Conscienciais- ** Bioenergologia **
Livro Viagem Espiritual II por Wagner Borges


OBE Links (Portuguese and/or English)

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