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You read an article, you have a conversation, one idea brings another, or the idea seemingly appears out of the blue, and you ask yourself a very interesting question related to Conscientiology & Projectiology. Do you have a few yourself? Then submit them to this list, so that it may inspire others to investigate and find out the answer. Or it could be the missing link thought to someone’s mental enigma!


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Q. Are there sub-human consciousnesses? Which kinds of life forms are supported by a consciousness? (virus, bacteria, plants, animals, etc). Do they evolve into human consciousnesses?


Q. How can one delay the period between laying down and falling unconscious/asleep, when trying OBE?


+ Try resting an elbow on the bed and keeping the armed raised. When you are about to fall asleep, your arm will fall and snap you out of sleep. – Bob Peterson; IIPC

+ Try developing a mental “dialogue” about a personal issue or a complicated intellectual problem that interests you, to stimulating your lucidity.  - NCA

+ Some breathing exercises that involve counting (number of times inhaling or exhaling, or number of seconds holding breath) show that counting can help extend your lucidity.


Bioenergy transfer is, in many regards, similar to heat transfer. – R.V., University of Florida, Fall 2000.

Compare the following:

- A body at 90 degrees F enters a room at 40 deg. F. The body feels a thermal shock and loses heat to the room. 

- A person with a “positive” thosenic (thought-sentiment-energy) pattern enters a room with a very “negative” thosenic pattern. The holochakra (body of energies) loses energy to the room[the consciousness may feel heavier as its energies are drained, and installs the vibratory state (VS) to shield itself].


When about to, or just after, falling asleep, sometimes a foot, leg, or the whole body jerks. Does this phenomenon have purely physical causes, or is it related to the projection of the psychosoma (astral body)? Is it caused by the re-alignment of the paraleg/arm? Or is it caused by the discoincidence of the para-leg/arm that produces the jerk, which in turn causes the total re-alignment of the psychosoma?   -- Nelson C Abreu (NCA), 04/13/2001


How does information and energy flow into and out of the physical world? Does it have to? – NCA

(Mentalsoma, psychosoma ßà physical brain; extraphysical realities ß à physical reality)


What is the source of consciential energy? Can it be used for mechanical work to replace current fuels? Are we closer to a unified-field theory that encompasses physical and extraphysical nature?


Do electric devices affect the human mind (especially the children’s)? Do they affect projectability?

[From Chapter 3 of Projections of the Consciousness – a diary of out-of-body experiences, by Waldo Vieira]


Can buoyancy (floating in water) increase projectability? -- NCA


Is the physical world like a virtual reality? Is the physical world a mirror-image of the non-physical dimension, or is the astral dimension a reflection of the physical world.  What is the relation between matter and morphothosene (thought-form)? Are chemical and neural workings of the physical body an imitation of extraphysical sensations/feelings caused by consciential energy reactions? Are there extraterrestrial physical civilizations? If so, is it only distance that separates us? Or are they invisible to us because their universe is more or less “dense” than ours?  Can the physical dimension, potentially, become more like the mental dimension (form, time, distance are less and less relevant?)

[Quote: “On some advanced planets, the difference between the intraphysical and extraphysical dimensions can hardly be felt. This is not the case of the Earth where we still confront extremely diverse conditions, not only in terms of the organism, but in the environment in which it must survive.”  Projections of the Consciousness, by Waldo Vieira]


What is time? Can consciential energy / consciousness transcend time? In both directions?


Can there be a automated “device” that replicates functions of the consciousness such as: dematerialization, production of a certain type of thosene…  -- NCA


Does temperature, pressure matter in projectability?


How can you definitely tell apart lucid dreams from OBEs, if you are unable to compare the setting of the event with physical reality?  -- NCA


Why do we love, laugh, or find something beautiful (that others might not)? People, music, sceneries…  - NCA


What, really, is the subconscious, in light of the consciential paradigm? – NCA


Can projection be used to study physical elements as if you had a very powerful microscope? Could a doctor project and “shrink”, so as to travel through the patient’s blood vessel? Or an engineer through a nano-scale quantum computer?


Is there an alternative to the use of violence to protect oneself from violent attack in the physical dimension, as it can be done out-of-body? Through mental control of bioenergy / matter?  - NCA


Why does the physical body look like it does? Why does a person have certain physical characteristics (height, facial lines, birth marks, etc)? Is any of this of paragenetic origin? - NCA