What’s new with the CIP?




            Letters to College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: 1, 2

            Similar letters were sent to below-mentioned departments and faculty.


THE SEARCH for a faculty advisor continues! Current contacts/candidates (as of April 21, 2001):

Dr. Fagerberg, College of Human Health & Performance

Dr. Yi, Department of Mathematics

Dr. Thursby, Department of Religion

Dr. Isenberg, Department of Religion

Dr. Becht, College of Education

Dr. Ritz, UF Brain Institute

Mr. Ryan (TA), Department of Sociology

UF Clinical Health Psychology


Future contacts:

College Liberal Arts & Sciences:

- Department of Psychology: Undergraduate advisor;

- Turner, Department of History

Other possible departments:

- Department of Philosophy

- Department of Anthropology


Thank you for your contact suggestions! (you know who you are!)



Ideas for CIP’s development

       Coming up


Club News


[April 21, 2001]


THE LIST of interested individuals keeps growing with the spread of word-of-mouth and a couple of interesting “chance-meetings” (coincidence or synchronicity?).  Nelson’s been distributing some mini-cards, at diners and sometimes at plazas.


Approximate count of distributed cards: 770  (as of April 21, 2001)

Estimate of automatically rejected cards (without inspection): 1 in 12 (8 to 9%)


[April 20, 2001]


- The Consciousness Research & Society Survey on consciential phenomena and opinions will NOT be ready for the 3rd International Congress of Projectiology and Conscientiology (New York, May 2002). However, it remains an important project, so if you are interested in participating in this project, contact Nelson Abreu.


- SYNCHRONIZED OBE attempts for an extraphysical meeting

Current participants: Nelson Abreu, Fernando Tavares (UF), Renato Sampaio (UniB, Brasilia, Brazil), Trevor Ramnanan (Fort Lauderdale), Bryan Lin (Nova Southeastern U).


Other news


- [June 4, 2001] Fernando and Nelson had a very positive meeting with a UF psychotherapist, who demonstrated a very cultured and open mind, found our experiment idea “intriguing” and will help us! We’ve been waiting for 5 years for this opportunity, so we are very pleased! After we prepare a written proposal, he will see how receptive we are to hypnotic suggestion. We exchanged theories and ideas and learned that theories of the “subconscious” mind are not as widely-held as we thought in the psychology theory circles. Exciting weeks ahead! If you have experienced a projection or have tried and achieved pre-projective sensations, let us know if you want to join us in this research.


- [May 27, 2001] Nelson and Fernando will schedule meetings with faculty of the Clinical Health Psychology department to discuss possible experiments on lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, and self- or heterohypnotism.


- [May 21, 2001] Another conversation with Dr. Yi, who expressed concerns that the out-of-body experience may be used for negative purposes. The potential benefits for the current physical period such as an improved self-, hetero-, and life understanding, projective retrocognition of the intermissive period (planning period between physical existences where – starting at a certain evolutionary level – one plans the next life, sets up goals, an existential program), meeting dessomated loved ones (have undergone physical death) were stressed.


- The Catholic Church in Lisboa, Portugal tried to censure the IIPC in the Portuguese media.  Some Portuguese media vehicles manifested an explicit opposition to IIPC during Expo Conscienciologia in 2000.  In the other hand, the newspaper A Capital dared to print an entire chapter of 700 Experiments of Conscientiology called ‘Principles of mature sexuality’ on one of 3 pages filled with an interview of Dr. Waldo Vieira (to the despair of the clergy).

[Translated excerpts from IIPC News, March/April/May 2001 issue]


- Nelson and Fernando were honored to be mentioned on IIPC News (March/April/May 2001 issue) regarding the CIP, “Good news to inverters!”


- November 30, 2000: Renato, co-founder of the CREF initiative, was mentioned on Pólo Virtual:“Mechatronics student Renato Sampaio and architect Patrícia Aguiar developed a virtual environment in computer graphics of how the Office of Science and Culture (Brasilia, Brazil) will look after completed.  With the capacity to hold 2000 books on scientific parapsychism, the main room will have space for debates and tables for individual study.

“This cultural center will be dedicated to parapsychological culture and scientific self-investigation” – Waldo Vieira


- April 9, 2001: Fernando and Nelson met with Dr. Yi, their current mathematics professor, about the Consciential Explorers’ Club.


- April, 2001: Nelson published an essay on the Journal of Conscientiology, Number 9.


- March 2001: Nelson and Fernando took the IIPC basic courses over Spring Break thanks to the special arrangements from the IIPC-Miami volunteers. Nelson wants to thank his cool sister and brother-in-law, Fernando’s driving skills, and parents’ patience!


- Alentejo, Portugal: The International Academy of Conscientiology was founded! The IAC started a series of debates at Portuguese universities, which are mediated by a renown journalist that has been quite successful in disseminating Conscientiology ideas and increasing IIPC – Lisboa membership.