Subj: Request for meeting

 Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 12:23:42 AM Eastern Standard Time

 From: Patagao





 Nelson Correia Abreu &

 Fernando Teixeira Tavares



 Mr. Neil Sullivan

 Associate Dean for Research

 College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


 Mr. Sullivan:


 We are engineering students at the University of Florida and we are

 interested in the study of the human essence, mind and behavior.  We have

 been studying and disseminating a new paradigm for consciousness research for

 the past two years: the consciential paradigm of Conscientiology.  We would

 like to share some cutting-edge ideas with you.  We believe that the

 University of Florida's Department of Psychology (among many

 others) may greatly benefit by investigating, verifying, developing and

 applying these concepts.


 With this in mind, we would like to schedule a meeting with you to:

 - Introduce you to the general concepts and paradigm of Conscientiology and

 - Present our vision for the integration of this paradigm in UF academics and



 We would greatly appreciate your time and the opportunity to share this

 information. Please contact us by email/telephone to let us know if you are





 Fernando T. Tavares & Nelson C. Abreu

 Conscientiology Expansion Project, co-chairs

 Conscientiology Research and Education Foundation

 & International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology



 Fernando: 352-338-6140,

 Nelson: 352-367-8425,


 According to our school and work schedules, we are both available Monday 11a

 - 3:30p, after 7; Wed 2 - 3:30p, after 5; Sat & Sun.