The Consciential Explorers' Club
(University of Florida, USA)

The Consciential Explorers' Club is in process of development and should be a reality before Fall term 2001, with the support of IIPC-Miami. It is likely to be the 1st university conscientiology club in history.

What we are (and are not):

Our main objectives:
- To demystify natural, inherent human abilities such as out-of-body experience and bioenergy manipulation in the scientific light
- To introduce members to numerous Conscientiology concepts such as: multidimensionality, holosomatics, existential task, cosmoethic
- To share the vision of the Consciential (R)evolution of human civilization - the individual, human societies, cultures and institutions, science and technology
- To present ideas of possible practical applications for personal and career/life-task development
- To encourage and coordinate student research and its publication
- To facilitate the meeting and communication of individuals interested in extrasensory, paranormal, projective, and consciential systems and phenomena (with and without personal experiences)
- To assist students with physical and "mental" disabilities by showing the door to extraphysical freedom and stimilating physical-extraphysical medical reseach
- To create an interactive atmosphere of constructive discussion on many aspects of human existence, in a natural and friendly way, free of prejudice and mysticism
- To serve as a stepping-stone and catalyst of the UF Conscientiology Integration Project.

Planned Activities: See the current draft of the CEC's Constitution

All are invited - especially those who are:

There are myriads of applications of Conscientiology in conventional careers.
Asampling of fields/majors that can benefit from such pioneering approaches are:
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Philosophy
- Brain research
- Physics
- Engineering
- History
- Health professions
- Life sciences / Biology

Preliminary draft of the CEC's Constitution (lastest update: 05/08/2001)
MembershipAgreement-Pledge (required for all members)
Research Parental Permission Form (for under-18 research candidates only)

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