Conscientiology Integration Project

@ the University of Florida (Florida, USA)




-         To disseminate Conscientiology and Projectiology and integrate these neosciences into academic and research programs of the University of Florida, which may serve as a pioneer and springboard of the Consciential Renaissance:

o       To help build the bridge between conventional and consciential research and scholarship.

o       To help improve interpersonal and international relations

o       To help improve human culture and its civil institutions


-         To show the door to interdimensional consciential reality and self-investigation, so that more-aware individuals can access information by themselves that may benefit them in their career choices; lifestyle; ethics; discipline; time management; health; development of intellectual, communicative, and paranormal abilities and consciential maturity; greater fulfillment and level of contributions to society; and more.


-         To provide the opportunity to achieve greater liberty from ignorance and dissatisfaction through direct, personal experience that can substitute fears, myths, and creeds for knowledge and consciential growth intellectual, emotional, ethical, psychological, and physical.


Proposed Plan Outline


STAGE 1 Dissemination of Conscientiology to UF students, professors, researchers & gathering of contact information of interested individuals


STAGE 2 CREF-IIPC presentations (inc. guest speakers, video)


STAGE 3 Establishing Conscientiology Club in UF (model for future Us)

and fundraising for Conscientiology Archive


STAGE 4 IIPC courses (monetary fee for survival of volunteer-based IIPC) in Gainesville


STAGE 5 Creating leisure / extracurricular courses at SFCC and UF; extend club to other universities in Florida and abroad (Brazil, Europe, Africa).


STAGE 6 Encouraging pioneering Applied Conscientiology in several UF colleges


STAGE 7 Lobby for C&P courses under psychology dept

Summer Research Program @ UF supported by IIPC

Study-abroad program @ CEAEC, Rio de Janeiro, or IAC


STAGE 8 Working towards degree-granting UF Dept of Conscientiology under College of Psych (Develop curriculum for AA, BS, PhD, w/ continuing educ requirement?)


STAGE 9 Develop laboratories, department/institute of pure and applied consciential research


STAGE 10 Extend project to other universities after project evaluation


STAGE 1 - 3: Free to participants:

  1. The general goal is to provide with basic, general information AND to share our vision for C&P - sharing possibilities that C&P may provide in terms of individual, social, scientific, technological benefits/change. Possibly, individuals can be invited to try general techniques to get "a feel" of pre-projective phenomena. These are the primary goals of the high school clubs as well.


  1. A list of contact information of interested individuals should be kept for stage 4 information and support for maintaining the expansion in the future.


STAGE 4 - Interested students can then take courses by IIPC and other educators (likely monetary fee).


STAGE 5 10: Integrating C&P into university educational and research programs; a parallel effort can be done at the high school and international levels.