Dear PSY 4930 students


I hope you are thus far pleased with your Consciousness Studies experience. Whichever area of work you select in your future, I hope what you begin to explore in this class will be of philosophical and, most importantly, practical use – personally and professionally.

If you would like any suggestions for sources and associated ideas for your assignments (i.e. tell me your assignment topics) or anything else feel free to get in touch with me. 


Phone: 352-262-9181

In person: by appointment, call me up.


Here goes some info related to consciousness studies, including answers to some of your questions like: “can we do some research outside of PSY 4930 for research credits or just for kicks?” (Probably and Yes!)“Are you doing the IAC workshop in Gainesville again this semester?” (YES!) And more stuff then you’ll be able to go through in one seating. =)



If you’ve been liking the IAC lectures and lecturers, I highly recommend signing up for the CD 1 – 4, which we are organizing in Gainesville for less than 50% of the regular price for UF students.  The workshops are pending enough registrants (at least 12).

Chris & Vince: You are welcome to re-take parts or the full CD 1 for free. I recommend at least the practical exercises!


Each CD module is 10 hours (5 on Sat, 5 on Sun). Each is split in 2.5 hour classes. You must take at least 3 complete classes to take the next module.


For more details, dates for CD 1 – 4 & online registration:



PUBLISHING/Presenting your Work

Remember that you will have the opportunity to submit your work to magazines and journals for publication that circulates all over the world. Also, you might get to submit abstracts to conferences for poster sessions and talks in psychology (you’ll get extra credit for originality and intellectual courage) and consciousness studies, specifically.


For instance, the Society for Scientific Exploration’s national conference in 2005 will be right here in Gainesville in June:

We plan to organize our Colloquium on Consciousness Studies, around that time. By the way, Brenda Dunne from Princeton is the Educational Chair of SSE. There is a Young Explorer’s section and journal as well, that you might be interested in.


GRADUATE programs:

SSE-YE collected links to the better-known consciousness studies academic programs (including both materialist and more progressive environments), if you are considering graduate work in the area:


Dr. Donadrian Rice from West Georgia presented at our II Colloquium. I would consider their program: Arizona State is pretty open-minded too.



I’ll take this opportunity to invite you to join the Science of Self Club, UF’s consciousness studies and personal development club. If you’re interested, I can add your email to our listserv so you can know about upcoming events. 

conference and small events, join up!



> Leadership / Conferences

Are you considering a leadership position or would like to co-organize our 2005 conference?



Sunday, October 17, Miami

Wagner Alegretti, president of IAC

WORKSHOP: Discubriendo su Programacion Existencial (Spanish only, sorry!)



Penn State University – Paranormal Studies Conference

Co-Sponsored by Sci-Fi Channel

More details:

If we drive, the conference organizers will refund me the expenses so it’s FREE.

If we fly, tickets are running between $150 and $200 (NOT free).


> Research

There are a many different kinds of research for publication that you can do in association with the Science of Self Club, individually or in group. Opportunities abound, just get in touch!

-         Theoretical/thematic bibliography/articles

-         Survey/anthology

-         Bioenergy detection & effects

-         Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming; experimental, experiential

-         And more!

If you have an idea for a research project you want to lead, let’s hear it!

I missed the pendulum demo, but Colin wants to set up a rigorous setup to verify the phenomenon beyond reasonable doubt. Is anyone else interested?


>Internship/Study Abroad

I have gotten some inquiries on study abroad / intership opportunities with organizations like the IAC. I’d like to know just how many people are wondering about this.

Some possibilities:

-         USA/international offices of IAC:

-         IAC Campus/Headquarters @ Lisbon/Evoramonte, Portugal:

-         Iguacu Falls, Brazil:

-         IIPC’s Polo Brasilia, Brazil:

-         OIC:


I don’t know about these, but we can try if you really want to:

-         ICRL (Princeton, NJ):

-         IIB (Germany):

-         National Taiwan University, Taipei: Dr. Lee bioenergy research

-         IONS:

- (Japan / Leichtenstein)


> Media & Arts projects

Documentaries and fiction stories are a great medium to disseminate consciousness studies. If you or someone you know is interested in working on this kind of project, let me know (for example, an updated documentary on the Near Death Experience).






On December 15, 2001, the highly respected international medical journal, The Lancet, published a study of  more than a decade on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) observed in 10 different Dutch hospitals. In one of very few NDE studies to be conducted prospectively, meaning that a large group of patients whose heart and/or breathing function ceased were resuscitated during a fixed period of time, 18% of the 334 patients reported NDE’s.  From these 62 patients, 41 (12%) described a ‘core experience.’ The majority of these patients felt this was one of the most positively marking experiences of their life, re-prioritizing their activities to live more purposefully, reducing their fear of death, or even improving their personality and behavior towards others and themselves.  


This study brings into question hypoxia or anoxia as a main cause of the NDE. It also reminds of the recent studies on blind patients who had a NDE and made accurate visual observations (“Mindsight” by Ring and Cooper). It is estimated that one in every thousand patients checked-in to the hospital has a NDE.  

VAN LOMMEL, Pim et al; Near-Death Experience in survivors of cardiac arrest: a prospective study in the Netherlands; THE LANCET; Vol. 358; Issue 9298; p. 2039; London, UK; December 15, 2001.

(You can find it online)


Scientific Organization of Non-Conventional Knowledge


More on the Pam case:

"A little while into the operation, Doctor Spetzler ordered that Pam's blood begin to drain from her body.  Still every monitor attached to Pam's body registered "no life".

Pam found herself going from monitoring the operation above the table to traveling down a "tunnel" which had a light at the end.  At the end of this tunnel Pam could see her relatives and friends waiting, including her long-dead grandmother.  Time and all worries seemed to stop for Pam.

It wasn't long, however, before a "dead" uncle led her back to her body.

Reentering her body felt to Pam like "plunging into a pool of ice".




> Articles/Papers:


The UF professor that studied anosognosia (related to neglect of part of the body)  is Dr. Kenneth Heilman. I have a copy of his paper if you’d like to learn more.


Look up Charles Tart’s papers online on OBE research like

TART, Charles; A Psychophysiological Study of Out-of-the-Body Experiences in a Selected Subject; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY; USA; 1967.


Here is a very interesting article that changes how we think about dreams:
Dreamless woman remains healthy
from Nature News


Researcher Spotlight on:
Ian Stevenson
We should invite him to speak here next year, don't you think?
I would certainly like to meet this guy before he desomates.


On Dr Rhine (recently deceased) and Parapsychology:
The Chronicle OnLine - The Independant Daily At Duke University
Durham, North Carolina


CNN article on missing person vision
NYTimes article on prayer healing