PSY 4930 – Special Topics Course


Scientific Inquiry into

Contemporary Consciousness Studies


How can I reach Dr. Welsch? Can I see the complete and updated syllabus?

I don’t know what to do for my personal practice – any ideas?

I want to explore some consciousness topics online. Any website suggestions, instructor?


Tentative speaker and assignment schedule [UPDATED 09/16/04]

Coming Up: STUDENT PRESENTATION outline & schedule

Suggested disciplines and subtopics for presentations and papers

Book options


I want some more assistance, how can I reach the student assistant? I would like to find out about related campus resources for theory, practice, and research practice ideas, like student organizations, books and journals, researchers I can interview, other websites:

Nelson Abreu



Nelson’s suggestions:

Check out these institutions’ websites and look for books, articles, conference abstracts, journals for ideas for practice (with Dr. Welsch’s green light) and for writing themes. If you would like to write an argumentative paper, you can contrast the two main “sides” of the story; you can explore how what we think or do regarding an area of life would change if we discover the consciousness is NOT a physical/neurological product. Some writing ideas.

3rd book suggestions: selected readings of Projectiology (contact me to order this packet); other book suggestions.

Visit the Science of Self Club / Student Center for Spirituality & Health reference library (ok, it’s only 1 shelf) at Anderson Hall 117 (get access at 107). It includes most of the issues of the Journal of Conscientiology, a few IONS publications, a copy of Projectiology, Sheldrake’s “Dogs that know when their owners are coming home and other unexplained animal phenomena,” and some other must-reads. You can research issues of the Journal of Consciousness Studies at the University of Florida library.


Nelson’s practice suggestions/links; research suggestions

Lucidity Institute (lucid dreaming)

"secret life of plants" by peter Tompkins (chi, psi and plants)

(more on the way)



> 8/24 - 7:30 pm


Still searching for a topic?

Some articles

Nelson’s Tucson conference [repaired link 9/16]paper

Consciousness & the Media, Knowledge Center – IONS


Still thinking about a practice or research?

Reminder: You can research the out-of-body experience and its potential implications, but you will not receive credit for doing it as a personal practice.

Basic Mobilization of Energies guidelines

An article from Fortean Times on Hypnagogic State

Flower Experiment; Journal of Conscientiology No. 11; The Secret Life of Plants


> 8/24 - 7:50 pm


As Dr. Welsch mentioned, the term consciousness is used in different ways. But even in consciousness studies: consciousness can mean the self, the spirit, the soul, individuality principal for those that defend it survives physical death; or it can mean “awareness” that is caused by neurological processes. Here are some introductions to the “problem of consciousness”:


A description from the Center for Consciousness Studies – University of Arizona

The problem from a multidimensional point of view

Check out the General Introduction to Dr. Thomas Metzinger’s Conscious Experience

Dr. Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne’s preface in Margins of Reality.

Part of the Journal of Consciousness Studies series: The View from Within

Introduction of Models of the Self


> 8/29 – 5:00 pm


08/30 CLASS: Dr. Olsen’s lecture is confirmed. Remember that you must turn in your assignment preferences, ranked 1 to 3. Available options are:

- Argumentative / defense paper

- Research of some sort (survey; states of consciousness; vital energies; etc.)

- Topical/thematic paper/lit review

- Cinamatographic critical review & reaction paper: “What the Bleep?” movie playing in Orlando in September

In case you haven’t made up your mind, I’ve added more topics to the list.


> 8/29 – 5:01 pm


What a &$@! do we know any way?


Hi everyone!


As you all know, one of the options for PSY4930 is to see the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" in Orlando. Nelson and I had the idea of going on a trip as a group...carpooling would save us all some gas money, it would be more fun, and we can go grab something to eat afterwards and hang out!


You are all invited to join us on the trip on Sunday, September 12, for the 4:50 show in Orlando. More details about when we're leaving Gainesville and where we're going to meet are coming soon.
Trailer & Showtimes


It will be a blast!! Hope to see you there:)




> 8/29 – 5:14 pm


Since Margins was published 18 years ago, you might like to know that: “the study of consciousness is approached from complementary empirical and philosophical perspectives, and there are some 25 or so articles that can be downloaded from the Publications page: <>”.

- Brenda Dunne

> 09/16 Speaker Change
Monday 09/20, David Lindsay (International Academy of Consciousness - New York) will present his course on the consciential paradigm. The New Zelander is looking forward to an interactive audience, so ask away! If you'd like to interview him after class, though, you'll have to ride with me to Orlando and back, because he will be leaving shortly after class to catch his flight back to NYC.

> 09/16 Publishing your Work
Just a reminder that you have a good chance to get your work published, unless you treat at as "just a homework assignment." For one, the editor of the UK-based Journal of Conscientiology says: "I would be extremely please to receive the work from the students of this class and to analyze them for publication. Best regards and good mentalsomatic gestations!" Bonne chance!


> 09/16 More Hot Links

Lucid Dreaming FAQ for the oneironaut in you!

Some cool IONS links:

Online Games to test your intuitive ability

HEALING & Consciousness: Learn more about Spontaneous Remission and Distance Healing research, and the Physical and Psychological effects of Meditation

Some IONS video clips

> 09/16 Science behind What a Bleep movie

So you saw the movie, but wanted to hear more of the science. Well here you go:

Hameroff & Penrose's Quantum Consciousness and the other scientists (including Physics of the Soul author).

So, which of you is going to test these eyebrow-raiser Water Crystals

It's Friday night! GUNS, SEX, CAR CRASHES, or....... Spiritual Cinema?
See this dedicated Shift issue to Consciousness & the Media