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Questions / Comments:

Nelson – patagao@ufl.edu – 352-262-9181  (Will be in South FL for Break)

Tim  conway7@ufl.edu

SPRING BREAK COURSES – Miami [CDP 1 in progress; Weekend course to be determined]5 PM! ]

Those who took advantage of the GREAT deal for the Spring Break courses, enjoy! For the others, check out the March course opportunity mentioned further below.


The course we’ve all been waiting for has been approved! The UF Center for Spirituality and Health will sponsor Dr. Barbara Welsch’s course special topics psychology course PSY 4930 -  “Consciousness Science.” It will be Monday, period 7 – 9, Flynt Hall.

You can take a look at the draft syllabi. The course reading packet is still under development. We’ll be giving a hand, but of course, it is Dr. Welsch’s ultimate decision.  I think there will be a couple of guest lecturers from UF Center for S & H, International Academy of Consciousness, and we’re going to sponsor a lecture by Dr. Robert Jahns or Brenda Dunne from Princeton.

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS COURSE FOR YOUR FALL SCHEDULE, tell us so we can ask your input on the class design, readings, etc… for Dr. Welsch to consider.

Syllabus 2.0      Syllabus 1.0     

Reading List      Projectiology Selected Chapters              Princeton’s online material

Journal of Conscientiology (Anderson Hall 117)                 UF Library Periodicals

Other periodicals    Science & Consciousness Review         Links


Visit: http://www.spiritualityandhealth.ufl.edu/ Note the 9-credit certification info


Any one interested in being/participating in a TV show pilot being shot in April?


We were awarded $200 to help out with the conference by SSE.

Check out the prelim program for the conference

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell is being invited to kick it off!



Peter P. pointed us to the Gainesville Psychic Fair at the Seraphim Center March 20, where we hope to have a booth or something.

Email from National Taiwan University:
Dear Nelson :
    I am glad to receive your email and knowing the International Academy of
Consciousness. We are apparently doing the similar research including the
bioenergies and information field (morphic field, holothosense, spiritual
world,...etc.).  Unfortunately, my webpage are written in Chinese, I will
translate them into English in the near future.
  What University are you in? I am certainly willing to give a talk in your
University when I pass by.
Best regards
Si-Chen Lee
Email from Dr. Scott Olsen (IONS), CFCC, Ocala
Dear Nelson,
     I enjoyed meeting you at the Noetic Sciences, O'Dea lecture.
Unfortunately it appears that your Conference is occurring during our Spring Break here, and I am scheduled to be in Asheville, NC and then at Sugar Mountain.  I am sorry about that.  Unless I can change the prior plans, I will have to pass this time.  
     I am going to forward a note on a recent similar debate in London.  In that one the parapsychologist, Rupert Sheldrake, prevailed.
Parapsychologists are busy doing good science, and the old standard
skeptic's claim of mere pseudoscience does not hold up.  Look up any of the writings by Dr. Edgar Mitchell re: parapsychology.  Also, a very strong source is Dr. Dean Radin's, The Conscious Universe.  One of my professors at Birkbeck College, London University that I worked closely with was Professor John Hasted, chairman of the physics department there.  He had no time for the Amazing Randi, in fact kicked him out of his office.  He was a liar and constantly resorted to deceit and trickery.  Whereas, Hasted had several credible magicians who he could work with in sorting out any trickery by the subjects being tested.  When Randi was confronted with being tested under the same conditions controlled by Hasted that the other subjects were subjected to, he refused.  Why?  Because he could not succeed in cheating under the carefully controlled conditions.  We need to begin to be skeptical
of the skeptics.  What is really interesting is to look into the background of the extreme skeptics, and what motivates their extremely bizarre closed-minded beliefs.  Very strongly held beliefs I might add.  Extreme skepticism is as pernicious as gullibility.  Sorry to miss your debate.
Best regards,
Scott Olsen, Ph.D.
Letter from
Assistant Director of Student Activities
J. Wayne Reitz Union
Student Organization Presidents,
I am very pleased to announce we are once again taking part in LeaderShape
Florida.  This week long training experience is an intensive and unique
opportunity for our students to learn about leadership.  Past participants
represented all areas of campus life including, housing, IDEAL, student
government, cultural unions and the Greek community.  The successful
applicants from UF will join student leaders from around the state at a
retreat center in North Central Florida to learn about value-based
leadership and create a vision for their role on campus.  
Please take the time to apply or to encourage others in your organization to
apply.  This is a great training for young leaders who will have an impact
on your organization and the university for years to come.  I highly
encourage you to take advantage of this high-powered, high energy and
professional  leadership opportunity.
The dates for this year's LeaderShape are May 2 - May 7.  LeaderShape
Florida is supported and funded by the Office of the Vice President of
Student Affairs and will be free to participants. 
Deadline: March 25th

Look for the next issue of Orange & Blue magazine for the SOS Club feature (Fall)


International Calendar of Consciousness Events – We need help updating this!


We can have a weekend course in Gainesvile. Let us know which extracurricular course you would like (or the basic CDP courses) to take. 

Bioenergies in the Green; Developing Your Clairvoyance; Projective Techniques; etc



Our SG budget hearing is on:

Friday, March 19, 6:45pm Reitz Union Room 286

March 22nd
Feb 16th, 6 PM, Psychology Computer Lab

Deadline: March 17
WHO WANTS to help make a poster for the Science of Self Club?

All of you "U-Majors" out there who are uncertain about carreer choices, check this out!
Who can help with a poster for this?
(Consciousness Studies as an Emerging Field of Science
and Multidisciplinary Applications of Conscientiology)

Suggest films for our CINESCUSSIONS (Video & Discussion)

Give a short presentation on a sub-topic of consciousness research and set off a THEMATIC DEBATE

Project Leader(s): Tim C.
Survey on views & experiences dealing with
parapsychism, states of consciousness, and spirituality
Send your suggested questions to conway7@ufl.edu ; patagao@ufl.edu
For a draft survey check out Files at Yahoogroups page or
request by email: conway7@ufl.edu
We need some help (technical/composition/execution/analysis/paper)

We need to fill out the IRB forms ASAP

No, I didn't save a bunch of money on car insurance... =(
(It actually went up because of my minor collision last semester:
just before it me and the other driver felt very intense
encephalic/cranial/parahead bioenergetic signals. Psychic signals
happen all the time in different parts of the body (or the energy
body - holochakra - to be more precise). Here is the theory: Each
corresponds to some situation or condition pertaining to energetic
conditions of (a) yourself (b) surrounding physical persons (c)
nearby extraphysical persons (d) holothosenes (thought-sentiment-
energy pattern) of a past, current, or likely future event.


(especially those good with 3D MAX, Flash, Photoshop, Maya etc)



-- Practice your control and perception of bioenergies
-- This in turn can develop your psi and projective faculties
-- Be part of the club's first scientific experiment



Some online food for thought (articles, essays):




APRIL 2 - 4, 2004

Southeastern Paranormal Studies Intercollegiate Conference /

II Colloquium on Consciousness Studies


MARCH = Announcing event like there is no tomorrow!


The Iguassu Falls (BRAZIL) trip is July 8 or 9 to 17 or 18.
The main course is called the Accoplementarium (as in auric
coupling), where an amphitheater of persons focus on the epicon
(Wagner, the consciential epicenter for this course, will host the
semi-incorporated Helper) to help sponsor very intense facial
clairvoyance to be viewed by each person. Often, information about
existential programming or previous lives comes up in these intense
clairvoyances / communication.
You'll also get to participate in 5-hour discussions with Waldo
Vieira. Not rarely, he tells people some details regarding their
past lives or the like, and he reveals unbelievable stuff he finds
out out-of-body (impact therapy is what he calls it). The package is
expected to be around $1400 and will include the course, trip,
transportation, and food. To use the CEAEC labs it will be cheap
($5 to $10 for a 3-hour session), but additional, because different
people want to go to different number of labs.




SOS goes to ARIZONA (parapsychology speaker)


Keep an eye on UF Center for Spirituality & Health SPEAKERS and CLASSES

Hopefully the class Consciousness Studies (PSY 4930) will be available for Fall term!


We have a monthly potluck with the Student Center for Health & Spirituality, the first weekend of each month.

If you would like to speak to someone in private -- in person or phone --
about an anomalous experience; research or theory; any related issue: you
can reach me at: 352-262-9181 or patagao@ufl.edu

Do you have meetings where I can talk with others about these subjects?

N: We sure do! We usually have weekly ‘handouts’ or formal meetings so we can all get to know each other while we discuss our ideas and experiences and plan the club’s activities and what we can each do to help out a little.

Where can we read about this? Books?”


N: The University of Florida has a subscription to the Journal of Consciousness Studies. You won’t find much material with an approach similar to IAC or IIPC’s, though.  At Anderson Hall 117 (ask for access at 107 the Religion Department office) you can find the joint literary collection of the Student Center for Health & Spirituality and the Science of Self Club.  We will have “Projectiology” in English available there for public consultation after Spring Break. Other literature I recommend from the collection include the Journal of Conscientiology, Rupert Sheldrake’s “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home” and Brenda Dunne’s “Margins of Reality”. 

We are also ordering additional books right now. You may still be on time to have some input here.


If you have books that you want to donate to the collection, let us know! On our website, there are lists of recommended books (that we need to update).




The IAC-Miami has some books that we can pick up for you, the most obvious choice being Projectiology. Tim and I are reading it right now