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UNITY WEEK KICKS OFF in a few weeks on the 27th!


We must accomplish these tasks ASAP; all we can by Friday 4:30 pm.

All help is critical!


Please send your contact info to Nelson, so that we can move more swiftly in the coming crucial couple of weeks:  Name, Org if applicable, home/work & cell phone #, email address, and tasks you are working on (or would like to).



Current list of volunteers:

Rohit Badal   352-328-8543   Unity Club

Ja Sikes       Knowledge Within

Bratt   Gainesville Buddhist Assoc.   Gainesville Buddhist Assoc.

Andy Kushibiki  Santa Fe Community College

Steven Weiner UF Physics undergrad

Nelson Abreu Science of Self Club

Ajit Bhatta 352-328-7302  Unity Club

Bethany Bethel

Tim Conway Science of Self Club

Karin Science of Self Club

Elza Boycheva Science of Self Club

Marione UF Engineering

Carlos Pitta  Science of Self Club

Bruno Ferreira Yoga instructor,,,,,,,

Dr. Ahuja  G.B.A. meditation facilitator; faculty advisor

Dr. Vijay Reddy,, SciSelf/Unity Club

Sharon Kleitsch  FL-IONS, Tampa/St. Pet



Get donations from Singer & Ahuja into G. Buddhist Assoc. account [rohit, GSA]

Schedule appointment with ACCENT:

David 392-1665, ext. 306; [rohit]

Contact additional potential donors [rohit, ja]

            Yogi Goswami (Mech. Eng.); Brij Moudgil (Mat. Sci.)


Local Government [ ]


Commercial Sponsorships [need a team]

            What is Enlightenment? Magazine [nelson]

            Yoga; Spirituality & Health magazines [ ? ]

            Local vegetarian food stores [ ? ]

            Alternative therapy school & practitioners (including massage schools) [ ? ]

            Specialized or antique bookstores

            Any one else you think will support the event for some reasonable arrangement


Look into SciSelf contribution to cover some or all of the 10-hour workshop ($1600) [nelson]


More detailed budget  [ ]



0. Re-register your student organization

BSA, SoS: Complete; KW: ?; Unity:


1. Complete online permitting tutorial @ student org site & fax/turn in proof [All orgs]

  1. Then we can obtain permission for the event to the held on campus / tentatively book rooms
  2. After tentative approval, we can check availability of rooms & really book them
  3. We’ll have to do speaker contracts = major pain in as$.


2. Get permits for banners at Plaza of the Americas and Reitz Union N. Lawn

     3rd floor of Reitz – SAC Office

SOS Club – Week 2 of September (Americas/Reitz)

GBA – Week 3 of September (Americas/Reitz)

KW – Week 4 of September (Americas/Reitz)

Week 1 of October: SOS Club (Americas), GBA (Americas) , KW (Reitz)

à 1 to 3 banners


3. Get permits for tabling  [  ]

            SOS Club, GBA, KW – Coordinate according to table & volunteer availability

            Note: Turlington Plaza usually books fast!

            Note: You are not really allowed to pass around fliers inside buildings


4. Talk to Gator Nights about parallel events; video at 282  [nelson]


5. Talk to UF Cinema about playing videos from SoS & KW; Gandhi;   [  ]

The Yoga mag Bruno was reading at the potluck said:

“Isn’t it time for a new kind of action hero?” And it had Gandhi’s pic on a lunch box!


6. Get TENT permit if applicable



Check on final speaker status this week [Rohit, Nelson, Ajit]

Eva Rosales, Recurso founder, UF student: confirmed (Humanitarian efforts)

Jane Lloyd, NY: confirmed

Brenda Dunne, Robert Jahn: at least one of them confirmed

Dr. Ahuja, shift to Thursday for regularly scheduled G.E.M. meditation session

Dr. Scott Olsen – penciled in




Any ideas for catchy marketing enter now.


SOF: Student Organization Fair is TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY. We need fliers and banners!

Flier Design (1/4 standard page) [Steven]

Production [Ja]

Brochure Design


Website: Need you talented artists for website, flier, poster designs

We can buy a domain, but for now URL is going to be:


Local Media community updates [  ]


List Servs [all] 2 weeks from event


Try to get featured in weekly and daily newspapers


TENT event? (permits)


Campus TV (Channel 9)


StUFf to do online & print calendar (individual speakers; split among orgs)


Wednesday update:

-         list as service opportunity to volunteer to prep (ASAP)

-         then list events (main events; split among orgs)


Local Government media outlets