UNITY WEEK KICKS OFF in a few weeks on the 27th!


We must accomplish these tasks ASAP; all we can by Friday 4:30 pm.

All help is critical!


Please send your contact info to Nelson, so that we can move more swiftly in the coming crucial couple of weeks:  Name, Org if applicable, home/work & cell phone #, email address, and tasks you are working on (or would like to).



Current list of volunteers:

Rohit Badal  rohitbadal@hotmail.com   352-328-8543   Unity Club

Ja Sikes  jsikes@ufl.edu       Knowledge Within

Bratt bratt@ufl.edu   Gainesville Buddhist Assoc.

shaoming@ufl.edu   Gainesville Buddhist Assoc.

Andy Kushibiki   kushibia@earthlink.net  Santa Fe Community College

Steven Weiner roven7@ufl.edu UF Physics undergrad

Nelson Abreu patagao@ufl.edu Science of Self Club

Ajit Bhatta ajit_uf_2@yahoo.com 352-328-7302  Unity Club

Bethany Bethel nuriya@chem.ufl.edu

Tim Conway conway7@ufl.edu Science of Self Club

Karin karin@myemail.zodi.ac Science of Self Club

Elza Boycheva   boycheva@ufl.edu Science of Self Club

Marione  marione@ufl.edu UF Engineering

Carlos Pitta cpitta@ufl.edu  Science of Self Club

Bruno Ferreira bruno@astro.ufl.edu Yoga instructor

r_satyajit@hotmail.com, fbarone@ufl.edu, gita@ufl.edu, aashutos@ufl.edu, misa@xanum.uam.mx, artikaur@yahoo.com, spicybelle2002@yahoo.com,

Dr. Ahuja  G.B.A. meditation facilitator; faculty advisor

Dr. Vijay Reddy, REDDYVS@medicine.ufl.edu, SciSelf/Unity Club

Sharon Kleitsch  FL-IONS, Tampa/St. Pet



Get donations from Singer & Ahuja into G. Buddhist Assoc. account [rohit, GSA]

Schedule appointment with ACCENT:

David 392-1665, ext. 306; accent@sg.ufl.edu [rohit]

Contact additional potential donors [rohit, ja]

            Yogi Goswami (Mech. Eng.); Brij Moudgil (Mat. Sci.)


Local Government [ ]


Commercial Sponsorships [need a team]

            What is Enlightenment? Magazine [nelson]

            Yoga; Spirituality & Health magazines [ ? ]

            Local vegetarian food stores [ ? ]

            Alternative therapy school & practitioners (including massage schools) [ ? ]

            Specialized or antique bookstores

            Any one else you think will support the event for some reasonable arrangement


Look into SciSelf contribution to cover some or all of the 10-hour workshop ($1600) [nelson]


More detailed budget  [ ]



0. Re-register your student organization

BSA, SoS: Complete; KW: ?; Unity:


1. Complete online permitting tutorial @ student org site & fax/turn in proof [All orgs]

  1. Then we can obtain permission for the event to the held on campus / tentatively book rooms
  2. After tentative approval, we can check availability of rooms & really book them
  3. We’ll have to do speaker contracts = major pain in as$.


2. Get permits for banners at Plaza of the Americas and Reitz Union N. Lawn

     3rd floor of Reitz – SAC Office

SOS Club – Week 2 of September (Americas/Reitz)

GBA – Week 3 of September (Americas/Reitz)

KW – Week 4 of September (Americas/Reitz)

Week 1 of October: SOS Club (Americas), GBA (Americas) , KW (Reitz)

à 1 to 3 banners


3. Get permits for tabling  [  ]

            SOS Club, GBA, KW – Coordinate according to table & volunteer availability

            Note: Turlington Plaza usually books fast!

            Note: You are not really allowed to pass around fliers inside buildings


4. Talk to Gator Nights about parallel events; video at 282  [nelson]


5. Talk to UF Cinema about playing videos from SoS & KW; Gandhi;   [  ]

The Yoga mag Bruno was reading at the potluck said:

“Isn’t it time for a new kind of action hero?” And it had Gandhi’s pic on a lunch box!


6. Get TENT permit if applicable



Check on final speaker status this week [Rohit, Nelson, Ajit]

Eva Rosales, Recurso founder, UF student: confirmed (Humanitarian efforts)

Jane Lloyd, NY: confirmed

Brenda Dunne, Robert Jahn: at least one of them confirmed

Dr. Ahuja, shift to Thursday for regularly scheduled G.E.M. meditation session

Dr. Scott Olsen – penciled in




Any ideas for catchy marketing enter now.


SOF: Student Organization Fair is TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY. We need fliers and banners!

Flier Design (1/4 standard page) [Steven]

Production [Ja]

Brochure Design


Website: Need you talented artists for website, flier, poster designs

We can buy a domain, but for now URL is going to be: http://cref.tripod.com/unity.htm


Local Media community updates [  ]


List Servs [all] 2 weeks from event


Try to get featured in weekly and daily newspapers


TENT event? (permits)


Campus TV (Channel 9)


StUFf to do online & print calendar (individual speakers; split among orgs)


Wednesday update:

-         list as service opportunity to volunteer to prep (ASAP)

-         then list events (main events; split among orgs)


Local Government media outlets