PSY 4930 – Special Topics:

Scientific Inquiry into

Contemporary Consciousness Studies




Look through the table of contents of the Consciousness Studies Archive (Anderson 117) for ideas.

Consult journals and conference proceedings, abstracts

Search the internet: Eg:,

Review this list

Main Topics




Preliminary Studies
Behavioral Effects of Projectability
Exploring Projective Sensations
Projective Techniques
Prolonging Nocturnal Lucidity
Basic Mobilization of Bioenergies

Vibrational State

Phenomenology of the Vibrational State

Remote Perception
Multimedia Remote Target Project
Precognitive Remote Perception


Parallel Setups of One Experimenter
Setups with Multiple Experimenters – Live
Single Setup with Multiple Experimenters – Online

Measuring Bioenergy Exteriorization on Growth Rate of Cut Flowers
Measuring Bioenergy Exteriorization Output
Effect of Bioenergies in Multiplication Rate of Microbio. Agents
Effect of Bioenergies on Material Properties
Electrical resistance of gelatin (collagen)
Latent Heat
Biophoton Emission
Anomalous Biasing of Random Event Generators through Bioenergies

Paranormal Investigation
Demystification of Paranormal Phenomena
Paranormal Investigation Models
Physical Bilocation of Natuzza Evolo, Calabria, Italy

Survey Series
Survey on Spirituality and Parapsychism
Interviewing the Experts Series
Compendium/anthology of projective / anomalous / déjà vu experiences

Lucid Dreaming & ASC’s
Projectiogenic Dreams
Programmed Awakening
Breathing Techniques
Inducing Lucid Dreams (Semi-Conscious Projections)

Mozart Effect & Altered States of Consciousness
Effect of Buoyancy on Projectability                           Neurofeedback and Projectability
Effect of Basic Mobilization of Energies on Projectability

Hypnagogic State

Psychic Signals
Self-Development of Parapsychism
Stimulating and Tracking Consciential/Meditative Daily Performance

Information Field
Anomalous Random Event Generator Biasing of Emotions (PEAR)
/ Neurocardiological Field Biasing                                      Holothosene / Information Field / Morphic Fields / Place Memory


Integral Health (including projective diagnosis)
Circumventing Mental and Physical Disabilities through
   Projectability and Parapsychism
Academic Performance
Neurobiology of Transcendental Experiences
Retrocognitions; Self-Relay; Alike Historical Figures
Sports Conscientiology & Human Performance
Effects of Conscientiology on Criminology & Law
Role of Media & Music in Consciential Development
Animal Parapsychism
Modern Ethical Debates & Projectiology
/ Ethical Implications in Projectiology
Sexual maturity: Evolutionary Duo, Sexuality, Abortion, HIV, Improving Relationships, Daily sex and parapsychism; holorgasm; effects of sexual/affective lack, celibacy, promiscuity, mental infidelity

Is having children a requirement to be fulfilled, complete? How would the understanding of birth and development change with non-physical views? Maternal infanticide
Existential Task, Function of Life, Robotic existence, indiv. Role and responsibility in Society, societal ‘traps/baits’

Depression, ADHD, Suicide
Academic Relations: History; Astronomy, Archaeology, Geography...

“Our global crisis is a crisis of consciousness”
Global Issues: Globalization, Overpopulation, Food Supply, Economics...

War, Poverty

World Government

Attributes/Intelligence:Creativity, Humor, Leadership, Memory, Lucidity

Evolution of the Consciousness;

Nature vs. Nurture vs. Paragenetics

Free will, determinism, karma, synchronicity, chance, coincidence

Death and dying

Cinematographical study

Self-Mimecry, challenges and resources to accel. self-improvement; Why evolve?

Bioenergies: Health, Conscious & Unconscious Exchanges, Parapsychism

Intermissive Period

Maturity; Universalism; Cosmoethics; Multiculturalism, Poliglotism


Resistance to multidimensional awareness; roots; why is it diminishing?

Fear; Fear of the unknown; fear of death


Hypnagogic state

Nature & Role of Intuition

Indifference and mental laziness

Obsession with youth and fear of oldage

Altruism, Assistance, alienation

What are the top personal values & principals (rank: what you don’t want to lose)

Evidence and effects of predominance of emotions vs intellect - society

Irritability (what irritates people the most), serenity

Phobias, traumas

Coherence – verbaction, theorice, inconsistencies of beliefs/behavior

Pecadillos, self-defense mechanisms, weak traits

Challenges & Resources for a better oldage

Investigation of psychic-assisted police cases

Dismissal vs Fascination of Projection of the Consciousness


Multidimensionality in different religious traditions / scriptures

Individual proof of veracity of the out-of-body experience

Practical effects, public utility, personal utility of OBE’s,

Summary of types of experiences / activities reported in OBE’s

Sleep & fatigue

Quality of life factors, principals

Health Care; Pharmacological/medical degradation;

Therapy vs Medication

Sleep paralysis and other ASC-related misdiagnosis, overmedication cases

Comercial-industrial exploitation of youth

Living like a consciousness vs living like a body

Technique of Omnicritism

One More Year to Live technique

Common male traits vs female traits

Who feels threatened by multidimensionality? Why? Neophilia, neophobia

Benefits of living today vs. middle ages

Controversial topics: death penalty, non-married couples, divorce, censure, religion in school & government, Darwinism…

How much of our day/month dedicated to ____ (self-improvement, helping, TV, etc.)

Job insatisfaction; What things control you to what degree?

Democracy; Etocracy/Lucidocracy

Joie de Vivre; sources of joy in life

Success, Fame

Relation of strong and weak traits (eg. ST + WT = mega-WT), compensations of ST for WT; using ST traits to overcome WT…

Challenges and resources to maintaining a difficult project; overcoming

What one thinks and feels; effects; positive change

Challenges and resources of clarification task of controversial issue

Analysis of our priorities (daily to lifetime); prioritizing self-knowledge

Avoiding & treating pathologies of society

Role of Attention in improvement and knowledge of self

Why master perception and control of consciential energies?

Consciential abstention:neutrality towards pursuit of integral maturity

Forgiveness, Repenting, Reconciliation, Health

Positive and negative uses of imagination

Knowledge, Belief, Dogma, Science, Religion, Rationality, Logic

State of Continuous Consciousness

Spirituality vs Materialism

Common imbalances of human life; recommendations

Availability – “I don’t have time/money for” dedicating to myself

Silence, immobility, attention, and introspection

Confidence, self-esteem despiteshortcomings, self-hatred, inferiority, superiority, self-unforgiving without masochism, hetero-forgiveness

Projections in total institutions and crisis (prisoners of war, jail); OBE as assistance and reform too for prisoners

Non-violent crimes, white collar prisons; too many people in jail? Reform vs punishment; alternatives;

Can there be spirituality without a spirit? (physicalist vs multidim)

Societal success, competition, proving to others; fulfillment;

Quantum Mechanics & Consciousness

Sychronicity vs Random Chance in Darwinism, Daily Life

Sophisms (false logic) in Contemporary Consciousness Studies

Reported hauntings in Florida

Coma, psychic healers, euthanasia, life support controversies

Clinical, therapeutic, training effects of lucid sleep states

Road rage, irritability, stress

Emmy-nominated Fulton Sheen “Life is worth living” series

The World of Faith & Values series