Consciousness Studies (PSY4903): Lecture and assignment syllabus (Revised version)


Aug. 23:   Welsch/Abreu


                 Course and student introduction


                 “The Problem of consciousness”


Aug. 30:   Olsen(philos./comp.relig.CFCC)

Turn in your preferences listed 1-2-3


 For Option E.  Include sub-topic for

                 Consciousness overview


Sept. 13:   Meet individually with Dr.      

Have first 2 texts selected/purchased (Opt. A)


Have personal practice identified (Option C )


Discuss your selection of (Option E)

Sept. 20:    Medeiros (engineering,IAC*)


                  Consciential paradigm




Sept. 27:    Jahn/Dunne(engineering,PEAR)

Margins of Reality read completely

                  Survey of anomalous processes




Oct. 4:       Lloyd (psychologist, IAC*)


                  Sleep, lucid dreaming, bio-




Oct. 11:     Darby (psychologist, SHCC)




                  Video: Dr. Ken Ring on NDE


Oct. 18:     Welsch/students

 Physics of the Soul read completely

                  Q- Physics, retrocognition

 “What the bleep” presentation

                  Video-Wm. Tiller, IONS**


Oct. 25:     Sousa   (IAC*)  


                  Self research/conscientiometry




Nov. 1:      Ritz (neuroscience)/Welsch 

Feeling of What Happens read completely

                  Shifts of attention, NDE


                  Neurophysiology & conscious.


Nov. 8:       Infante (psychology)

Exam (first 45 min.)

                   SRI, Russell Targ and

All texts read completely except choice 3

                   Remote viewing

Miracles of Mind read completely

Nov. 15:     Student presentations


                   Religion & Consciousness


                   Film and consciousness

Neuroscience presentations

Nov. 22:     Student presentation/Welsch


                   Bioenergy & Consciousness

Pharmacology & Consciousness

                   Psychology & Consciousness.


Nov. 29:     Student presentations/Welsch

All papers (in lieu of presentations) due

                   Mind-Body overview/therapies


                   Bio/Neuro fdbk; HRV training


Dec. 6:       Welsch/Abreu

Book report due/

                   Course wrap up; discussion

Practice paper, log and journal due

                   of practices, 3rd book etc.


Finals week: no final exam

Research project papers due

*International Academy of Consciousness

**Institute of Noetic Sciences