Personal practice options PSY4930


Your choice must be approved in our individual meeting on (or about) Sept. 13.


Dream work.  Will include exercises to help with recall, journaling, interpretation. Lucid dreaming


Meditation.  Specifiy type(s) you will practice and how you will learn to do it.  See SHCC group schedule (T11-12). Check Counseling Center.




Yoga (but only a type of Yoga practice with a strong spiritual component)


Reiki. Take a local weekend course and continue the practice.


Qigong.  (Can learn at SHCC on Wed. at 12:10, at GHFC, or from local instructor, Paul Campbell.  See me for his email address.


Audio or Video assisted learning programs/courses.  Meditation, Animal Communication (see Penelope Smith website), many others available- see internet resource list for SoundsTrue website. Check Monroe institute website (not listed on your handout) for hemi-synch training CDs)


Book guided programs.  See self-help, New Age, psychology, martial arts section of bookstores. Energy medicine/healing is an interesting topic.


Energy Psychology Interactive CD learning program.  Good for potential psychotherapists.  See internet website list.  Costs under $70. 


Device assisted programs:

Biofeedback (see Welsch office hours; limited slots available)

Neurofeedback (as above)

Heart Rate Variability Training (see website) (as above, or self-purchase for 200.00)

Light/sound machine entrainment





Most of the practices you choose should have some daily component to them.