Disciplines and subtopics for presentations and papers:


  1. Psychology.  Cognitive psych, transpersonal psych, Jungian psychology, sleep, dreams, hypnotic states, Gestalt psychology        10/18


  1. Religion.  Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christian or Jewish Mysticism, Speaking in “tongues”, Gnosticism, prayer research, Nag Hammadi library            11/8


  1. Quantum physics.  Energy and biogenergy; distant healing          11/15



  1. Health and Medicine.  Transplant medicine, cardiology, biofeedback, neurofeedback, mind/body connection, clinical neurology, Near Death Experience, coma, Alzheimer’s disease        10/11


  1. Neuroscience  10/18


  1. Biology.  Molecular biology, animal minds/behavior


  1. Engineering. Artificial intelligence/computer science, robotics, information processing


  1. Philosophy


  1. Pharmacology. Psychopharmacology, recreational pharmacology           10/25



  1. Parapsychology. Projectiology/conscientiology, OBEs, non-local consciousness,

mediumship, Psi phenomena      11/1


  1. Art and/or literature


  1. Sociology



  1. Anthropology


  1. What field have I failed to consider?


NB:  The date following the listed sub-topics is the date a presentation or paper outline is due.  Presentations are expected to be ready to go one week later (but may be delayed due to guest lecturers or other reasons. Even if you expect NOT to have to present because a guest speaker is scheduled, you must be prepared in case the speaker is delayed or cancels.)  Topics with no dates: outlines due 11/22. Presentations will follow on 11/29 or 12/6. All final literature reviews or position defenses are due on 11/29.  Research project papers are due during finals week.