Do Consciousness Studies Really Matter?

How Can Science Study the Out-of-Body Experience?

How Can We Possibly Benefit From This Experience?

Why Bother?


Welcome! You are invited to explore these and other millennial questions through this website

and to tells us what you think about the ideas presented

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Explore laboratorial and non-lab experiments and leading-edge theories on studies of

*    The consciousness in a more comprehensive and integral way

*    The out-of-body experience and other anomalous phenomena

*    Consciential hyperspace, Astral dimension, Extraphysical Dimension

*   Vital energy, psychotronic energy, chi, bioenergy

      and more


Consider possible benefits and applications of these non-conventional studies concerning:

*  Yourself (personal development)

*   Interpersonal to international relationships (social development)

*  Civil institutions (justice, education, government…)

*  Philosophy of social and physical sciences (epistemological ‘upgrade’ of science)


Best Viewed with:

- a critical but open-mind, clear of absolute preconceived ideas



We do not encourage you to believe the concepts we present - this is science with spiritual consequence (since your experiences may clarify/redefine your view/understanding of yourself, others, life, and the world around you).


There are no dogmas, no pledges, no secrets, no unquestionable and absolute truths, no “masters”, no promises, no demands.


We encourage ALL persons to learn about this subject and its POSSIBILITIES, use their discernment, question everything, but also keep an open mind to possibilities presented. Then, when people feel they are ready, they should have THEIR OWN EXPERIENCES – After comparing with others’ results, they will reach cutting-edge relative truths, that will stand as such until a better model or perception emerges, as in other sciences.

If you are

- interested in social studies, science & technology,

- curious about scientific studies of anomalous phenomena

- striving for development and maturity of human society

- or, an artist seeking inspiration: indescribable feelings, emotions, beauty, and realities

then I think you will enjoy this website!