The following may or may not be possible through the lucid out-of-body experience – some motivation to have your own

first-hand, direct, personal experience


·        Research at the cutting-edge: Consciousness beyond matter & energy, common to all living beings, in different levels of evolution; out-of-body experience; multiple dimensions, existences, bodies…

·        Discover more about the working of lucid dreams, hypnotism, pre/retrocognitions

·        Learn about the possibility of studying and controlling bioenergy (vital energy, chi)  and how it invisibly supports and affects our lives.

·        Be a pioneer in science, technology: psychology, life sciences, physics, engineering, sociology, criminology, parahistory, astronomy, mathematics...

·        Uncover timeless mysteries: Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Where and what was I before birth? Is there a more elevated, logical, rational code of ethics?

·        Provide much-needed help

·        Expand your perspective; intellectual, creative, and “extrasensory” or paranormal abilities

·        Access your integral memory – previous existences, pre-birth planning period

·        Discover or develop a fulfilling life-task

·        Meet friends from distant places

·        Reach greater emotional balance

·        Obtain greater physical health

·        Use more of the 1/3 of life spent in unconscious sleep

·        Experience freedom from physical disabilities and limitations

·        Meet dear persons after their physical death; eliminate your own fear of death

·        Explore known and distant, little-explored places

·        Expand your inner maturity and understanding

·        Be a leader of the dream of peace

·        Learn more about the meaning, purpose, and development of life and human nature

·        Improve interpersonal to international relations