Video Q & A


On Thursday, we played the video “Out-of-Body Experience: A Glimpse of Immortality.” There were 2 women and 5 men in attendance.  Here are the questions or comments collected during the event, followed by comments by the Nelson Abreu, who is not a projectiology instructor (so, errors and omissions are not unlikely).  We are going to interview Patricia Sousa of International Academy of Consciousness – Miami with the theory comments to get more reliable, experienced responses.


“The narrator had a very calming voice, almost too calm because I fell asleep.”


N: Staying lucid during a 56-minute film when you are mentally tired is good practice for staying lucid with your eyes closed, laying down, and aiming for complete physical relaxation predisposing you to lucid projection.  Also, I recommend attempting the “three hours of waking physical immobility,” because it involves remaining lucid for 3 hours, sitting, starring at a plain white wall, without moving a muscle. It is not as easy as it seems, but it helps stand out your more subtle perceptions. It trains your physical relaxation, continuous lucidity, serenity, and control of your impulses.  It can have surprising outcomes, especially when helpers are involved.


I started to feel pre-projective sensations and perceiving bioenergies against the wall very clearly within a couple of minutes. It was incredible.  I had trouble with salivation, neck comfort, and also muscular tension.




"Is there a suggested method for contacting helpers or spirit guides?"

N: It is useful to study the concept of holothosene (or overall pattern of thoughts-sentiments-energies).

Read this short article, including the part that says "Thosene: The Instrument of the Consciousness."


What kinds of intentions, thoughts, sentiments, and energies do Helpers have? The closer your holothosene to that of Helpers the more in synch with them you will be.

The closer to assistential tasks you are (like in the health professions or clarification / spiritual education) the better yoru changes.

Finally, you should work with developing your parapsychism so that you can perceive their intuitions (telepathy), you can perceive them visuality (clairvoyance), or interact with them more directly (through the projection of the consciousnesses).

How do you develop your parapsychism? The main key is consistent (daily), frequent (several times a day), with confidence and persistence.

You can start with the 3 basic mobilization of energy exercises you saw in the video. There are many others, of course that you can learn through books or courses.

We will try to organize such workshops here.


You may have a positive experience if you look up the "Assisted Projection" technique in "Projectiology."

I think I had an assisted projection in the ECP 2 (Extension in Conscientiology & Projectiology 2) in Key Largo.

I actually felt the hand of the assistent touch my para-hand.


Also, the “three hours of waking physical immobility” laboratory can facilitate interaction with helpers.  It is recommended that you schedule it a couple of days in advance and do not miss it.  The best environment nearby to try would be the IAC-Miami office due to its assistential and multidimensional holothosene.  But, you can also rig up a space of your own for this. It’s cheap and not very difficult after some instructor explain you what to do.


“With the circulation of the inner-prana, I didn’t know it was safe to bring the energy back up from the feet.”

N: It is not only safe, but imperative to circulate energies up and down the holochakra (energy body) in order to sense and alleviate energy blocks that can limit your performance and eventually develop into a physical problem; to install the vibrational state to protect yourself from undesirable energetic influences of the surroundings or other persons, to raise your lucidity, and to facilitate your parapsychic perceptions (like clairvoyance) and lucid projectability.


The only alert may be obvious, but is worth emphasizing: there are places you would not want to absorb energies from. Which can you think of?  Anywhere with a history of negative, ill, unbalanced, dense or anticosmoethical emotions, thoughts, or actions. For example: hospitals; cemetery; large city police station; bar; nightclub.




“Do you have meetings where I can talk with others about these subjects?”

N: We sure do! We usually have weekly ‘handouts’ or formal meetings so we can all get to know each other while we discuss our ideas and experiences and plan the club’s activities and what we can each do to help out a little.


“Where can we read about this? Books?”


N: The University of Florida has a subscription to the Journal of Consciousness Studies. You won’t find much material with an approach similar to IAC or IIPC’s, though.  At Anderson Hall 117 (ask for access at 107 the Religion Department office) you can find the joint literary collection of the Student Center for Health & Spirituality and the Science of Self Club.  We will have “Projectiology” in English available there for public consultation after Spring Break. Other literature I recommend from the collection include the Journal of Conscientiology, Rupert Sheldrake’s “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home” and Brenda Dunne’s “Margins of Reality”. 

We are also ordering additional books right now. You may still be on time to have some input here.


If you have books that you want to donate to the collection, let us know! On our website, there are lists of recommended books (that we need to update).


The IAC-Miami has some books that we can pick up for you, the most obvious choice being Projectiology. Tim and I are reading it right now.


“Why does Dr. Vieira have such a huge, messy beard? Why does he wear all white?”



1st question: I don't know for sure. But from reading “Projectiology”, he mentioned that a full-grown beard facilitates the unrestricted operation of the laryngochakra, the predominant chakra of communicability (and seduction in the male case).


2nd question: Check out the 2nd part of the 2nd page of this interview:



“The woman that meets the central character at the end of the film… what’s her phone number? j/k Does projecting make you beautiful in next lives?”

N: No Comment =) and I don't know.  As far as I know, a "macrossoma" would be designed to facilitate the completion of an existential task, not just beauty for its sake.

But what is beauty, in terms of bioenergy action? Does it not involve a transfer of bioenergies? These are all related: "Cute" "sexy" "seductive" "beautiful" "attractive"

Think of these diverse examples: a beautiful cub or baby that needs to be taken care of for survival; a flower, the sexual organ of a plant (which you may have received or offered before) that attracts pollinating insects; seducing someone to influence their lucidity.




“1. I have a skepticism as to how quick a normal westerner can begin to perceive and manipulate nonphysical reality.


2. It seems like it would require deep meditation/contemplation to be able to harness these energies.  A huge shift in perception of what we are. 


3. I feel as if voluntarily leaving your body is not as easy as the IIPC makes it seem


4. I do, however, believe fully in nonphysical reality, soul, God, etc. but feel as if the truth to these phenomena are a bit deeper than some people make it seem.


5. I would like to know how others feel about the reality of these phenomena and what it would take for common people”




1.  “normal” – Do you think having enough interest in the topic to come watch a film on this topic at 5 pm on Thursday is the norm? (By the way, by “not the norm” I do not mean “abnormal”). Is this a strong indication that you have an existential task dealing with this topic? 


“westerner” – You may currently be a westerner, but if you consider the possibility of previous lives this point becomes less relevant.  Again, your affinity to the topic reveals more than your current biological family’s background.  Besides, astral projection is part of the cultures of all inhabited continents and the majority of cultures since times unwritten (including ancient Greece, Scandinavia, Brazil, writers, philosophers, artists, members of western religions, esoteric, or underground societies during the times such practices were repressed by predominant groups).  Consider the many dozens of synonyms available for the terms psychossoma, projection of the consciousness, bioenergies… This reveals how these phenomena manifest themselves across cultural, gender, age, geographical, racial, socio-economic, education and other similar variables…


2. There are very old practices of “deep meditation/contemplation” that aim at controlling bioenergies like pranayoga.  Others utilize movements and concentration like qigong, tai-chi shuan.  But, generally speaking, meditation is a “centripetal” process through which you raise awareness of particular aspects of your holossoma (physical, energetic, emotional, or intellectual functions).  While it can help with breath control, concentration and lucid relaxation of the physical body, it often gets in the way of projection of the consciousness.


The projection of the consciousness is a “centrifugal” process that temporarily allows you to escape the restriction of your physical body and explore the macrocosmos (to interact with consciousnesses of lower and higher evolutive levels and where you can be assisted and assist others).  Extraphysical meditation is much different and can facilitate acquisition of original ideas or the state of cosmoconsciousness (mental projection, satori, nirvana).


It is “a huge shift in perception of what we are.”  But changes of such scale have happened before throughout history through discoveries that were initially mocked or even persecuted.  The “telescope” or the “caravel” in this case is the astral projection developed through iron-clad will and perseverance.


The ideas that projection should be feared and that they require the life of a monk are outdated and probably created to maintain control of the experience by a clergy minority over the masses.  I can confidently say this through literature from various authors; many survey studies; and above all through my personal experiences and that of several of my friends and acquaintances.


Many of us had never had any significant projective experience prior to attempting some techniques with persistence.  Granted, we all have different predispositions and no one technique seems to work for all with the same effectiveness. The logical theory for this is that we all have different levels of development from our holohistory and have diverse consciential attributes and conditions.


3.  Sure, the video does not document the development of an individual over many months.  That’s not the point – it simply illustrates what a projection might be like and advises of how to produce them.  I think they said more than once, things to the effect:

“don’t be disappointed or surprised if you don’t feel anything the first times”

“don’t give up, after some practice you will begin to feel more sensations”

“let us practice, that is the only way to improve”


Indeed, projecting is not an easy task. Otherwise we would all be doing it by now!  While it takes a long time with consistent practice to become a frequent projector, your first experience could take a matter of days.  It may be helpful to work on accomplishing smaller, preliminary tasks first. 


Work on exploring the preprojective sensations that you can read about in many books, and compare! Then try projecting an arm or a leg, first. Try to feel the torpidity (numbness) and weightlessness sensations and then the separation of the bodies.  How about the vibration state? Tingling and myoclonia that often occur during bioenergy exercises (which losen up the holochakra or body of energies – the ‘glue’ – and predisposes projection).


These preliminary accomplishments can be reached even in your first attempt, but don’t give up so easily on something that can have such profound effect on you and others. These preliminary stages can keep you motivated to continuously improve and to have more and more frequent and lucid experiences.


Also, there may be some ‘crutches’ that can assist the beginner. We can explore the ones that are not harmful to the individual (cosmoethics, health).  Just keep in mind that these are hindrances to your personal development in the long run – remember that you won’t be able to take any crutch with you to the extraphysical dimension after dessoma (first death).


4. You feel the phenomena are deeper than the video made it seem.  The video was pretty technical and focused on the projection of the consciousness per se.  However, there is much more that is studied in Conscientiology – the leading-edge conclusions about the consciousness, its nature, purpose, and evolution attained through practical application of those skills.  The consciential era will affect all areas of human activity and civilization.  The film touched only the surface, but there are courses, books, journal articles, debates and conferences that go deeper into that which is the reason for bothering with it in the first place.