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and the new one from Porto (Info received from Dr. Dykstra, Gainesville, FL)

"Cons-Ciências" is the name of new annual scientific journal edited by the CTEC - Center for Transdisciplinary Studies on Consciousness, a research unity at the University Fernando Pessoa, in Porto, Portugal. The journal will edit papers and texts both in
Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. The goals and contents are all the scientific implications of the altered states of consciousness, related to all kind of extraordinary human experiences, OBE's, NDE's and AAS's (Abduction Alien Syndrome). The readers can get directly this journal by contacting the University Fernando Pessoa Press Office,
through dr. Agata Rosmaninho, by e-mail
or by snail mail
University Fernando Pessoa
Praça 9 de Abril, 349
4249-004 Porto
Telefone 225071300
Fax 225508269