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Major Events

UNITY WEEK – University of Florida – Sept. 27 to Oct. 3, 2004

We are partnering with the Unity Club, Knowledge Within, and Gainesville Buddhist Association and other science and spirituality clubs at UF to promote “Unity through transcendental experience”. Supported by local philantropists and UF’s ACCENT speaker bureau. This opening edition is dedicated to Gandhi, whose birthday we’ll celebrate on October 2. “You must first change yourSELF, if you want to see that change in the world! Take a look at the incredible line up of speakers and workshops!

UNIV-CON 3 – Pennsylvania State University – October 29 – 31, 2004

One of the largest student-run paranormal and consciousness studies conference will take place on October 29-31, 2004 at Pennsylvania State University, organized by the Intercollegiate Organization for Paranormal Studies. Featuring world-renown researchers and sensitives to roundtable discussions and “ghoully” entertainment.
Call for abstracts (lectures and poster sessions) ends October 1, 2004 on topics such as:
+ Parapsychology / Paranormal Investigation
+ Spirituality and Health
+ Altered states of consciousness, rest states
+ Self-awareness, evolution of consciousness, personal development
+ Research on bioenergies and bioenergy control (chi, qigong, biophotons, etc)
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Previous major events:

I Colloquium on Consciousness Studies (Summer 2003)

II Colloquium on Consciousness Studies (Spring 2004)



Florida Partners

You can join the email lists or visit the websites of these FLORIDA consciousness-related organizations for updates:
Science of Self Club @ UF:
Internatinal Academy of Consciousness:
Florida Institute of Noetic Sciences
Institute of Noetic Sciences - Suzanne Wynn, Gainesville coordinator:
The UF Center for Spirituality and Health



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