Practical introduction to Projectiology

OBE guidelines/suggestions

Translation by: Nelson Abreu and Bryan Lin


  1. Lie down or sit down comfortable and isolated. Relax your body completely.
  2. Picture and visualized each part of your body and relax it.
  3. Take in some deep breaths, concentrating in the breathing.
  4. Calm your breathing rate. Breath slowly.
  5. Clear all your thoughts. Concentrate your sole desire of taking an extraphysical voyage.
  6. Repeat with calm and tranquility, during each breath inward a sentence that expresses your will.

For example: "I will exit my body, I will have absolute conscience and awareness, before, during, and after my astral trip. When I wake up, I will remember every detail of my experience." I want to leave my body. I can easily have an astral projection.

  1. Visualize mentally the trajectory you will take (Where you want to go; In the beginning, try to concentrate on places nearby your body. ex: door, desk, living room).
  2. Imagine yourself floating around your room.
  3. Donít try to make an interplanetary trip the first time you try it.
  4. Start with a place you know well, close to where you left your body.
  5. Repeat mentally, several times, that you will exit your body, with great conviction.
  6. Some statements to induce the state preceding an OBE (out-of-body experience).
  1. Eliminate all fear. Seek the answers for them.
  2. Create a positive atmosphere.
  3. Read and study about astral projection.
  4. Impress your objective in your subconscious mind, by saturating your mind with ideas about projection.
  5. Maintain, next to your bed, a tape recorder and, or, a notepad and pen, to write notes about your dreams and OBEs. It is incredible how easily one forgets his experiences of projection.
  6. Get used to practicing the exteriorization of energy to someone or apparently to the dark. This will improve your auraís condition and will loosen your double-etheric.
  7. Donít give up. Be persistent.

Initial signs associated with OBEs


*Remain calm. Vibrations, sounds, stiffness, and the sensation of paralysis are normal experiences.

*Allow and stimulate the spreading of the vibration all throughout your body.

*Remember not to move and not to think about you physical body. Any physical movement will suspend the vibration process.

*Allowing the expansion of the vibrations, visualize yourself getting away from your body, toward another part of your residency. You can intensify this visualization guiding yourself with a repeated thought such as: "Now, I will go to the door." (or any other place away from your body).

*After obtaining the complete separation, the vibrations will lessen immediately. At that moment it is important to center and maintain all your attention far from the physical body.


*Ardently want to project yourself

*Completely and definitely eliminate the fear of exiting your physical body

*Meditate intensely about the projection

*Maintain perfect conscience about the existence of yourself, of the actual you and the physical vehicle of manifestation (body).

*Know all that is already known about the espirital body

*Visualize the physical trail that the conscience in the psychosoma will take, when it is outside the dense, physical body.

*Create the habit of thinking about OBEs during the period before going to sleep.

*Read about projection before going to sleep

*Saturate your mind with the idea of conscious projection.