What is the purpose of the CREF?

Our vision - the Consciential Revolution

March 1998 - Hypnotism Independent Research & Application Foundation created by H. Elias Silva and Nelson C. Abreu

November 1998 - HIRAF upgraded to Parapsychology IRAF (later re-named to CREF) by Renato C. Sampaio and Nelson C. Abreu

October 1, 1999 - Nova High School Conscientiology Club created by Nelson C. Abreu, Bryan P. Lin, and Fernando T. Tavares; sponsored by Dave Vowell

January 2001 - University of Florida Conscientiology Integration Project is delineated

Nelson C. Abreu and Renato C. Sampaio founded the CREF in December 1998 to advance, instruct, and proliferate two new sciences: Conscientiology and Projectiology (C&P); to encourage independent high school research; apply acquired skills and knowledge towards personal and social benefits in schools, community, and beyond through the Internet.


The Conscientiology Research and Education Forum is a student-run, volunteer-based, unofficial initiative for the dissemination and research of Conscientiology and Projectiology that functions as a bridge between high school and college students and advanced research and education institutions. The CREF currently involves students in Florida and Lisbon, Portugal.

The CREF and the Conscientiology Club seek to educate about these new sciences and to dissolve myths created around its main research tools: the consciousness (or intelligence and individuality principle); consciousness projection; bioenergy manipulation. The long-term social goal of the CREF is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skill development to attain life-changing experiences.

These experiences and the knowledge and clarification that are directly obtained may gradually lead our society closer towards understanding and peace -- from the individual, to families, to communities regardless of race, gender, origin, socio-economic status, beliefs, religion, etc. Scientifically, the application of C&P has the potential to spawn innovations to improve the living and educational resources of societies.


OUR VISION - The Consciential Renaissance

The CREF envisions that Conscientiology and Projectiology (C&P) will deeply impact human kind, through a gradual scientific, technological, spiritual, and social movement. C&P will revolutionize life sciences and technology with more knowledge from consciousness and interdimensional research. Also, C&P may help to explain hypnotism and paranormal phenomena.

In addition, C&P have the potential to provide powerful, life-changing, clarifying, personal experiences that can gradually contribute to a happier, more fulfilling life and a society of greater peace and understanding. The out-of-body experience will be the major tool of clarification and expansion of our understanding of life, the multidimensional universe, and human essence and nature. The Consciential Renaissance has begun as more and more people discover the potential to learn, grow, help, and explore out-of-body.

Read more on the Consciential Revolution in The Human Alien (four-page essay).


The CREF is a non-for-profit scientific research team. The focus of our research is Conscientiology that studies the human essence and its manifestations. Among the tools we develop and use for our research are lucid dreaming, hypnotism, and conscience projection (PC, out-of-body experience [OBE], astral projection), and bioenergy manipulation.

We understand that there is a wide lack of knowledge of this new science and its tools, and that they have been linked to mysticism and religion throughout history. But scientists and millions of other individuals all over the world have discovered latent abilities and uncovered realms of the universe that are accessible by all humans. Please understand that we are not a religious, esoteric, or mystical group. We search for scientific material, conduct controlled experiments, make observations, and draw conclusions as in other sciences. The difference is the nature of the tools and the realm where the experiences take place.


Through this website, we would like to educate any one who is interested and has positive intentions about Conscientiology and Projectiology by sharing information sources and do our best to answer your questions. It is very important that you understand that we do not intend to convince you about anything, but simply introduce you to this subject. After you gain a significant understanding of the implications of these studies we will be glad to assist you in having your own experiences using solely your will.

I.e., we do not endorce or recommend the use of drugs or natural consciousness-altering substances. Not only are they harmful and illegal, they will become a crutch and will intefere with the clarity, value, and credibility of your experience. Furthermore, Conscientiology involves personal evolution, which is obstructed by the use of drugs rather than training yourself. Drugs are unnecessary, harmful, and may increase the likelihood of pathological encounters with psychotic postmortem.