The mastering of bioenergy (vital energy) is the key to conscious

astral projection (OBE) and self-awareness, because bioenergy

constitutes the energetic connection between our psychosoma (astral

body) and physical body.

Our bioenergetic system is

sustained through the basic

mechanisms of replenishment.

However, there are techniques

that the individual can learn in

order to control his bioenergies

at will, thereby improving his

awareness, performance and

energy power.

The training method used by

IIPC classes is based on

self-control and involves

exercises for multidimensional awareness, OBE techniques, and exercises

dealing with bioenergies.

Controlling bioenergies leads us to experience OBEs at will rather than

spontaneously or not at all. It also allow us the full control of our

psychic experiences or paranormal phenomena. In addition, this

enhancement in self-control leads to sense and unblock chakras, expand

psychic awareness and self-defense, increase extrasensory perceptions,


The IIPC emphasizes the importance of direct personal experience rather

than beliefs or mysticism. Projectiology considers conscious projection

(lucid OBE) to be a natural phenomenon. What the new methods and

techniques of Projectiology seek to do is to put the phenomenon under

the voluntary control of the experiencer, thus developing the ability of

the individual projector to remain lucid during the experience

(extra-physical lucidity), to realize various chosen extra-physical

objectives, and to remember the experience afterwards (physical recall).

The mastering of one's projectability allows the individual to utilize, over

many physical lives, that one-third of his or her life which is, from a

consciential point of view, wasted during sleep.

The OBE is not an end in itself, but rather a tool that allows us to

experience the multi-dimensionality of our existence. The ability to have

conscious OBEs and to interact with consciousnesses from other

dimensions is an unavoidable and pivotal element in one’s evolution. OBEs

are an opportunity for individuals to obtain answers to questions such

as: What is my purpose in life? Have I had previous lives? Can I meet

someone who has already died? Do I die with the biological death? Where

did I come from?

All information offered by the IIPC is based on scientific principles and

years of research and experience. Anyone who is interested can attend

the program. No background or previous experience is required. The

information is presented in a very comprehensible way.

[Source: International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil].