Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are bioenergies?

Bioenergies, as the same implies, are all the forms of energy in life; the energies of plants, animals and all living things.

Are bioenergies present throughout the universe?

We are open systems. We receive and exchange energies with the environment in which we live. The more familiar sources of bioenergies are our nutrients (food and drink), plants, the sun, sea and their air we breathe. This type of primary, impersonal IMMANENT ENERGY is one of the major sources of energy absorbed by living creatures. This energy has received different names in various cultures. Some prefer to call it cosmic energy, prana, chi, primary energy, subtle energy, orgon, etc., but they all refer to the same thing.

Humans produce thoughts and emotions which transform immanent energy into CONSCIENTIAL ENERGY. We produce bioenergetic information when we think and feel.

What is the relationship between bioenergy and physical and mental fatigue, irritability, sudden bad moons, aggressive behavior without any apparent cause, and generalized discomforts?

Processes of emotional imbalance, as those just mentioned, customarily indicate a bioenergetic imbalance. Not rarely, a person will feel extremely tired after an intense verbal exchange which involved negative sentiments like grief, jealousy, or resentment. Also, those individuals who work long hours with a computer without rest breaks are familiar with the fatigue experienced due to energetic vampirization by technological equipment.

Can we voluntarily interact with bioenergies? Are there specific techniques for this?

Our bioenergetic system is sustained through basic mechanisms of replenishment. But there are techniques that allow us to work with our own bioenergetic field, improving the quality and even the quantity of energy absorbed. Since its inception in 1988, the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology has taught advanced bioenergy techniques that allow anyone to dominate their own bioenergetic system, permitting them to perform a check-up and diagnosis of and safely eliminate their energetic blocks.

Does the use of objects such as pendulums, crystals, pyramids, etc. produce the same effect as the techniques proposed by Projectiology?

All these "crutches" often compensate for the lack of confidence which the majority of individuals have in their own bioenergetic perceptions. It is rare to encounter those who have a reasonable degree of confidence in their bioenergetic discrimination and mastery. It is much easier to attribute the effectiveness to the pendulum or crystal. It is more intelligent to work with discipline, techniques and discrimination to overcome this gap and be able to dispense with these intermediary devices.

In donating energy, do we risk running out?

Someone who has a bad diet, is underweight, is pessimistic, has preconceived ideas and is generally fearful is more predisposed to end up with less than enough energy. One who is aware of the basic necessities of his or her organism in terms of sleep, food, etc., and who has a positive attitude and is fairly altruistic, can energize him - or herself, the surrounding environment and other persons, without suffering energetic losses. Maturity in the utilization of bioenergies can help a lot, allowing one to employ discernment instead of emotions.

Does energetic "vampirization" exist? How can it be avoided?

Most people do not understand bioenergetic processes, ignore the fact that they are emotionally in lack and become social vampires. Often they remain unidentified by their victims who exhibit sudden fatigue, apathy, sleepiness, etc. It is necessary to seek accurate technical information in order to resolve this situation through clarification instead of superstition. Developing an energetic prophylaxis and self-defense has helped the more than 20,000 students who have taken IIPC courses throughout Brazil.

Is it dangerous to use bioenergies?

The greatest danger is an ignorance of energetic processes. With practice, anyone is able to take advantage of the positive or negative uses of bioenergies in their everyday life, which becomes a natural and undeniable factor improving the quality of our life. The daily use of bioenergies is a pleasurable activity which has become second nature to us.

Can we develop our projectability, or our projective capacity, through the use of bioenergies?

Yes. Bioenergies play a crucial role in the projection of consciousness. The domination of one's bioenergetic processes is the key to one's projectability.

Is there a specific course which allows an individual to learn how to work with bioenergies?

Yes. We offer our "Bioenergies On The Green" course which is a 3-hour course without prerequisite held in a natural setting which allows the participants to experience and learn to differentiate between his or her own energies and those of nature. Working with the techniques used in this course and indeed learning to utilize the energetic resources found throughout nature can only yield beneficial results.