Bioenergy Therapy

Kevin de La Tour

There are an increasing number of non-traditional therapies - both physical and non-physical in nature. Many promise results ranging anywhere from simple, temporary relief of physical or emotional discomfort, to "soul cures". What provokes so much interest in these therapies is their effectiveness in certain pathologies, regarding which orthodox medicine still finds itself limited and impotent.

While many therapeutic modalities appear to have some benefit, they fail to educate the individual, leaving the patient dependent on the practitioner and/or the therapeutic modality. These therapies also do not require active participation on the part of the patient, who, in very many cases, does not understand even the basic concepts behind the therapy being utilized.

It is worth noting that out-of-body (astral projection) therapy is a leading-edge technology that is time-tested and reproducible by the interested individual. It does not require one to accept belief systems or remain dependent upon a "trained" practitioner. Interested individuals are encouraged to investigate the validity of this technology for themselves.

The exteriorization or transmission of personal energies can be used as a therapeutic technique applied to a patient while outside the body. The potential effects of the transmission of personal energies while projected are numerous, including the rehabilitation of psychotic post-mortems or "earth-bound spirits".

The advanced projector-therapist can also perform a therapeutic technique called penta (personal energetic task). This is an individual, assistential transmission of personal energy; programmed for a certain hour in the day, and is assisted by one or more Helpers (spirit guides). In penta, energy is transmitted directly to ill or deficient non-physical personalities. These transmissions can also be applied to ill or deficient physical personalities who are temporarily projected outside the body.

From the beginning, the recipient of out-of-body therapy is taught to develop a sufficient energetic and psychological balance and a command of their own bioenergies using simple, easy-to-use energy techniques, so as to allow them to begin moving their own process forward.

One of these is the closed-circuit circulation of one's own energies, performed by moving one's bioenergy, from head to feet and back to the head, in a continuing up and down motion. In this exercise, the energy is moved only through the use of one's will. With practice, the individual is able to perceive the location and intensity of the energetic blocks in his or her system, and is able to clear them directly by him or herself. This technique also produces substantial energetic compensation and strengthens the natural capacities of one's organic system, leaving one more vital and healthy, and improving the individual's lucidity and sense of well-being.

When the circulation of energy is sufficiently accelerated, it results in the production of the vibrational state. This produces non-physical energetic self-defense against toxic ambient energies and intrusion by non-physical personalities, as well as balancing one's energetic system and eliminating blocks or imbalances. As well, the effectiveness of this work is greatly enhanced during a lucid out-of-body experience.

Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) allow one to gain a greater degree of self-knowledge, permitting the individual to have a panoramic view of his or her weak and strong traits. As well, OBEs can serve to re-educate the individual, who can observe his or her behavior patterns through visual projections, or the formation of thought-forms generated by the Helpers.

Many transcendent concepts and a great deal of leading-edge information can be gained in the non-physical dimensions through participation in meetings, courses and debates. The kind and quantity of information about ourselves and multi-dimensional reality that can be acquired while projected outside the body is practically impossible to attain while in the physical dimension.

As well as improving the psychological condition of the individual, OBE serves to intensify one's will to live and eliminates the fear of death, through direct personal evidence of the survival of biological death.

One can begin to recall past-life experiences. This allows the individual to compare his or her current physical existence with those of the past and to review his or her non-physical preparation prior to rebirth in this dimension.

Assistance to others is inextricably tied to our own evolutionary development. As we participate in the vast arena of multi-dimensional assistance, we are hugely benefited in return; the process of helping others to evolve, ever propels us towards our common goal of multi-dimensional maturity. Indeed, if we are all in the same evolutionary "boat", apparently so interconnected with each other, doesn't our prioritizing assistance to others make a great deal of sense?

Kevin de La Tour is the PR Director of IIPC's New York, USA office and an IIPC faculty member.