Personal Energetic Task (PENTA) and

Out-of-Body Therapy

Kevin de La Tour


There are an increasing number of non-traditional therapies -- both physical and non-physical in nature. Many promise results ranging anywhere from simple, temporary relief of physical or emotional discomfort, to "soul cures". What provokes so much interest in these therapies is their effectiveness with certain pathologies, regarding which orthodox medicine still finds itself limited and impotent.

In order to re-establish health and well-being, we need to resolve illness at its source -- and the source may not be in the physical body but at other deeper levels which can include one's bioenergetic system and non-physical bodies. For this reason, we need multi-dimensional therapeutic approaches in order to allow us to effectively address these issues. Using the therapy modality discussed in this article, we find that both the practitioner's energies and non-physical bodies themselves are useful tools in the treatment and remission of maladies that may be rooted in the patient's energetic system, one of their non-physical bodies or in consciousness (spirit, soul) itself.

According to Waldo Vieira, M.D., president of the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC), a non-profit institution of research and education based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, capable utilization of the out-of-body phenomenon by a competent therapist can yield significant therapeutic benefits.

Out-of-body (astral projection) therapy is a leading-edge technology that is time-tested and reproducible by the interested individual. It does not require one to accept belief systems or remain dependent upon a "trained" practitioner. Interested individuals are encouraged to investigate the validity of this technology for themselves.

The use of the out-of-body experience can have very practical benefits for us in the here and now. For example, we can, while projected, transmit energy to our own physical body or to the physical and/or non-physical body of another, with sometimes dramatic results. The OBE can also be used as an adjunct to traditional psychological counseling. Therapists can conduct counseling sessions in addition to working with energy - all in concert with the extraphysical support teams (guides) of both practitioner and patient.

This article will address penta (personal energetic task), an extremely effective therapy modality that allows the interested individual to offer real assistential benefits to those who are in need of it.

Why is out-of-body therapy needed?

Many, if not most, individuals pass through biological death in less-than-ideal conditions. Beyond the fact that most individuals are ill in one way or another at the time of death, the great majority of people know little or nothing about death, or rather, what awaits us beyond this physical dimension. Indeed, many are convinced that nothing awaits us after physical death.

Whereas a lack of good health and/or basic information about an upcoming trip in the physical dimension will most likely ensure an unsuccessful journey, our lack of preparedness and good health prior to our transition to a completely new reality (dimension) upon biological death is certainly no exception.

The bottom line here is that most people are not even slightly prepared for the new and different reality that awaits us all upon biological death. Evidence of this is that, when we are projected outside the body, we encounter most non-physical personalities in the status of psychotic post-mortems or "earth-bound spirits" to one degree or another, still being in the condition of physical, emotional and/or mental dysfunction that they were in when they died.

This leaves us with the following predicament. Whereas, there is a multitude of health care professionals that attend to our various needs in the physical dimension, there are very few competent practitioners who are able (and sorely needed) to attend to the multitude of non-physical individuals who are stranded in their new non-physical environment and in varying types and degrees of dysfunction --many of whom are not even aware that they have died!

The solution to this very serious problem is that a great number of out-of-body therapists are needed to bring much needed treatments to these individuals, many of whom are in a "limbo" state of continuous suffering. One very important commodity that out-of-body (projective) practitioners have to offer is their very dense physical (animal) energy. Just as the above-mentioned patients are at a standstill by being burdened with an overly dense energetic charge, or an energetic ballast, as it were, it is precisely the dense energies of the projected practitioner that can help to resolve this condition.

Thus, the exteriorization or transmission of personal energies at will can be used as a therapeutic technique when applied to a patient while outside the body, under the competent guidance of the non-physical Helpers (spirit guides, angels). The potential effects of the transmission of personal energies while projected are numerous, including the rehabilitation of the above-mentioned psychotic post-mortems or "earth-bound spirits".

While there are several energetic therapy modalities that involve the emission of personal energies, one that can be classified as a cutting-edge para-technology, and is, so far, not widely known, is penta or personal energetic task.

What is PENTA?

Penta is a therapeutic technique that can be performed by the advanced projector-therapist (out-of-body therapist). It is an individual, assistential transmission of personal energy, programmed for a certain hour in the day, and is directed by one or more Helpers. In penta, energy is transmitted directly to ill or deficient non-physical personalities. These transmissions can also be applied to ill or deficient physical personalities who are temporarily projected outside the body.

The personal energetic task is based on a link established between the human practitioner and the multi-dimensional (non-physical) assistential team. The penta practitioner serves as an interdimensional energetic "spinning top", as it were, serving as a therapeutic intermediary between the physical and non-physical dimensions. The penta practitioner, then, plays a pivotal role in the multi-dimensional work of the larger assistential team.

The physical space in which the penta practitioner executes the personal energetic task on an ongoing basis becomes an extraphysical medical clinic, where non-physical and projected patients are brought for one or more energy treatment.

The practice of penta involves 2 categories of Helpers (extraphysical mentors, angels): the Helper of the penta practitioner and the Helper of those being assisted through penta.

The penta practitioner has more far reaching objectives than his or her personal interests. She or he seeks to master his or her personal energies, not in order to be a "great evolved consciousness", but to perform efficient assistentiality between consciousnesses.

With time, the advanced, or veteran, penta practitioner becomes an epicenter of multi-faceted assistance, and serves as a point of self-assured security, support and extraphysical cleansing. He or she also becomes a small piece of a larger assistential multi-dimensional mechanism and serves as an ambassador of advanced extraphysical mentors.

What are some of the applications of PENTA?

Penta is the most effective application of an individual's energy. Penta has a multitude of applications; among them, the following 7:

1. Penta maintains a positive extraphysical protection for the life of the projector, as well as the achievement of super-health.

2. The regular practice of exteriorizing assistential energies can promote a more structured ego in the practitioner, yielding the most elevated state of balance that an intraphysical consciousness can attain. This can lead to the state of continuous consciousness.

3. The period during the practice of penta is advantageous for the assimilation of new ideas.

4. One of the basic applications of penta is the sanitization of non-physical pathological disturbances of the psychosoma (astral body) of extraphysical consciousnesses.

5. Penta allows the practitioner to calibrate his or her energetic condition.

6. The practice of penta is the best technique for the veteran consciousness projector to avoid prolonged projective recess (a temporary cessation in the production of projections).

7. The regular execution of assistance to imbalanced consciousnesses with penta, inevitably leads you to pay more attention to the use and maintenance of your own physical and non-physical bodies, and to be more aware of the obligations of your existential program (life mission).

What are some advantages of penta?

1. Penta can be practiced daily.

2. The practitioner's penta task can always be performed when she or he is alone.

3. Penta can be performed at a time that is convenient for the practitioner.

4. Everything occurs in the intimacy of one's own home -- in one's own energetic field.

5. Penta yields an indirect, multi-dimensional evolutionary gratification.

6. Penta can be regarded as a fruitful assistential business venture, so to speak, with the multi-dimensional team. The practice of penta is a non-remunerated energetic-assistential service. Upon giving 1 hour of daily assistance to needy extraphysical and intraphysical consciousnesses, the practitioner receive 23 hours of intraphysical and extraphysical energetic assistance from the Helpers for the rest of their physical life.

How can the recipients of energy therapy help themselves?

While many therapeutic modalities appear to have some benefit, they fail to empower the individual, leaving the patient dependent on the practitioner and/or the therapeutic modality. From the beginning, the out-of-body therapy recipient can be taught to develop a sufficient energetic and psychological balance and a command of their own bioenergies using simple, easy-to-use energy techniques, so as to allow them to begin moving their own process forward.

One of these is the closed-circuit circulation of one's own energies, performed by moving one's bioenergy (utilizing the will or intention) from head to feet and back to the head, in a continuing up and down motion. In this exercise, the energy is moved only through the use of one's will. Many individuals are familiar with the absorption and transmission of energy, but mobilizing one's own energetic system is also extremely important. With practice, the individual is able to perceive the location and intensity of the energetic blocks in his or her system, and is able to clear them directly by him or herself. This technique also produces substantial energetic compensation and strengthens the natural capacities of one's organic system, leaving one more vital and healthy, and improving the individual's lucidity and sense of well-being.

When the circulation of energy is sufficiently accelerated, it results in the production of the vibrational state. This produces non-physical energetic self-defense against