Consciousness Therapy: A Multi-dimensional Approach to the Human Condition

Sílvia Felismino

Conventional science, currently at its evolutionary zenith, has verified the complexity of our human makeup. It is at this moment that science has accepted the biopsychosocial concept in order to identify the weak traits that are evident in the origin of the majority of illnesses. Nonetheless, conventional science is far from having an integrated vision of the total human being. It lacks an understanding of bioenergetics, the physical and non-physical bodies, the concept of interdimensionality; and most importantly a thorough understanding of the consciousness (intelligent principle, spirit) -- the organizing essence of all the above.

Consciousness therapy, since it is free of preconceived ideas and sectarianism, integrates an interdisciplinary therapeutic approach. The perspective is to start with an analysis of the consciousness and end with the physical body, an opposite approach from other therapies. Consciousness therapy makes use of professionals in biology, psychology, sociology, holosomatics, bioenergetics, and projectiotherapy.


The physical human body is denser and more rustic than the other bodies of the consciousness. Yet it is important and necessary for the manifestation of the consciousness in physical life. Though the physical body can suffer from a number of illnesses that are triggered by genetic, psychological, environmental and other factors, not many people know that it also serves to reflect the individual's personality. Only recently have the disciplines of psychoneuroimmunology and psychoneuroendocrinology connected the emotional and biological, enabling us to begin to understand the process of somatization (physical manifestations having emotional sources). Yet these disciplines have not been able to explain or understand such factors as:

Para-genetics, which is information contained in the psychosoma (the non-physical body). Within a multi-existential (multiple physical lifetimes) context, para-genetics gives continuity to the individual's characteristics from one lifetime to another.

Holothosenes, an accumulation of thosenes (thoughts + sentiments/emotions + energies), which can be described as informational energetic fields that constitute Jung's collective unconscious. A characteristic of holothosenes is that they influence the behavior of those individuals involved in them.

Bioenergetic exchanges which occur in interpersonal exchanges and can intoxicate the various bodies.

Thosenic patterns which can have a detrimental impact on the health of an individual's bodies.


The study of the human psyche, achieved through a diversity of disciplines, becomes indispensable for the understanding of the different manifestations of the consciousness and the interaction of the various bodies. The comprehension of the emotional process is important since emotion is by far the most prevalent attribute on this planet; and is necessary if effective changes are to occur in the human consciousness.

The comprehension of emotional processes is an indispensable factor if effective changes are to occur in the consciousness' attributes for the harmonious working of the individual's cognition, where intellectuality is highly valued. This awareness will allow a degree of balance and maturity transforming both the atavistic emotions (those with an instinctual basis) and those manifested through the sexual, abdominal and cardiac energetic centers (chakras), into more developed sentiments with greater awareness and discernment.


The interference of society upon the individual is an important factor in the maintenance of pathological alterations in the various bodies. In light of the current evolutionary level of the consciousnesses on this planet, undeniably negative factors such as the subjugation to public opinion, conditioning imposed by family and the domestication of conventional education, must be considered within this clinical framework.


Holosomatics is the discipline that studies the consciousness' physical (human) and non-physical bodies, including the energetic body, emotional body and mental body.

The constant use of individual parapsychic faculties allows us to objectively and practically understand that the consciousness' manifestations are multi-dimensional, using a compatible vehicle or body for each dimension. In this manner, we see that the biological, energetic, emotional and mental facets of the consciousness allow the balance that is synonymous with consciential health.


Bioenergies, which carry information regarding the attributes of human consciousness, are present in all living beings and are responsible for the maintenance of the body's level of biochemical organization, the interface between the physical and non-physical body, and a great part of parapsychic manifestations. Consciousness therapy utilizes the mobilization of personal energies to fulfill its therapeutic functions.


Ignorance regarding the continuous inter-dimensional flow of energies between physical and non-physical consciousnesses, has had a sinister effect on humanity. Projectiotherapy is an effective resource in the understanding of and the self-defense against these energetic interactions.

Projectiotherapy uses the out-of-body experience for energetic absorption and detoxification, self-knowledge and energetic de-assimilation (severing of energetic connections).

Consciousness therapy is a cutting-edge modality that is well researched, seriously administered and extremely effective. It is a logical multi-dimensional tool for the multi-dimensional consciousness that we are.

Sílvia Felismino is a Brazilian psychologist and an IIPC consciousness therapist. The International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC) is a Brazilian non-profit institution of consciousness research that places special emphasis on the out-of-body experience (OBE, astral projection). Please see classified ad in this issue on out-of-body experience.