PENN STATE UNIVERSITY – Psi Conference & Halloween roadtrip

Departing Thursday, October 28 afternoon; Returning Sunday, October 31

RSVP by Wednesday, October 13

Admission & Transportation: Courtesy of Penn State Univ PRS

Accommodations: Crashing at friends’ places or a cheap place =)

Why go? Well, Vince and I are going. Need any more reasons? Oh… Ok. Well:

Have you ever seen PA in the Fall? It’s nice! PSU is a beautiful campus.

Sci-Fi Channel is co-sponsoring the conference. You might be on TV. Who knows, we might end up getting some kind of documentary deal! =)

Dean Radin (IONS) and Dave Lindsay (IAC) will be plenary speakers.

Nelson and a couple of really cool NYC colleagues are giving talks.

There will be lots of heated debate between the consciential paradigm ensemble, traditional ghost hunters, total skeptics, total believers…

There will be some cool parties!


Tentative schedule:


5 pm - Opening Dinner (networking, mini-speeches)

7 pm - David Lindsay

8 pm – Dean Radin

9 pm – Meeting with Science of Self Club – NY; Party!



10 am – 5 pm: Concurrent workshops and lectures

(including Dave, Nelson, Gabe, & Mike)



Option A: Go to NYC meet Wagner Alegretti & Nanci Trivellato; Nanci course on Sun.

Option B: Stay at Penn State for Charity Ball

Option C: Head back to Gainesville / Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando on Sun.