Those who took the Consciousness Development Course 1 course had increased perceptions of bioenergies and more; and enjoyed great discussions led by the IAC volunteer-instructor Jane Lloyd from New York. You have one more chance to “get on the boat” before we proceed through course 4. You will also be able to partake of all our special self-development groups (coming up!). These SDG’s will focus on developing each other’s physical, bioenergetic, emotional, mental, and assistantial performance through group dynamics and concepts and techniques learned through the CDP and research.




Also, the “graduating class” of CDC will be able to go to:

Extension 1 (TBA, 2005) Miami

Extension 2 – 10 to 12 June, 2005 New York City

Control your energies, become multidimensional aware, mroe psychic, and explore life after death directly.

Students, pre-register for 50% discount!

RE-TAKES Free for college students and IAC members.

Each part on a weekend
Sat: 1 pm to 6:30 pm (w. lunch break)
Sun: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (w. lunch break)

CD 1: February 5 and 6, (Reitz Union 121, Reitz Union 283)
CD 1 was a success with nearly 20 students from different ethnic and age groups, great discussion, and plenty of psychic perceptions and phenomena.

For practical exercises you will need to lay down!
Bring whatever you need: Eg: pillow, sponge mat, sheets/covers/blanket, earplugs
CD 2: February 19 and 20 (Turlington Hall 2322)
CD 3: March 12 and 13
CD 4: March 19 and 20

PARKING MAP (note: you can park on decal spaces during weekends)

For UF STUDENTS that pre-register (50% OFF!!):
CD 1 = $43

CD 1 & 2 = $86


CD 1: $85

CD 1 & 2: $160

CD 1 - 4: $290

At the door:

$95 / $86 for IAC members