To the Editor:


In relation to “The Quest for Proof of Out-of-Body Experiences and Allied Phenomena” by Michael Gross, Vol. 7, No. 28, April 2005, JOURNAL OF CONSCIENTIOLOGY.


Nearly three years after learning about the subject, a friend of mine had his primo-projection.  This occurred only three days after expressing interest in having a first-hand experience in a more resolute way. I had mentioned to P.M. that several of my out-of-body experiences have taken place on mornings that were preceded by incomplete sleep, a couple of hours of activity, and then a return to the mattress. On this occasion, an early-morning appointment was cancelled and having slept only a few hours, P.M. decided to relax and attempt conscious projection. It did not take long before he achieved the vibrational state, followed by a sinking sensation before take-off.


He described a partial projection where the left arm was raised as his torso lifted and turned to the right side. Although short-lived, this experience was of continuous consciousness and very distinct from his past dream-like experiences.


For two consecutive nights, we discussed ideas, which was unplanned and very uncharacteristic.  The first night, P.M. challenged the consciential paradigm by invoking apparent personality changes manifested after removal of the corpus callosum that links the right and left cerebral “hemispheres.” It was after this point was refuted that the desire to project was articulated as the only way to investigate the matter.


The second night, I pondered: "How do we promote the lucid projectability or primo-projection of a person who is interested in having a first-hand experience?" At the time, I was also preoccupied with "What is the most effective means to engage the critical mass of conscientially-aware Gainesville that resulted from local Consciousness Development Program courses?" 


I happened to have a copy of issue 28 of the Journal of Conscientiology, and at some point I read the question posed by Michael Gross (Scotland): why is it we do not have more OBE's and why is it so hard for us to obtain empirical evidence regarding the OBE? It was precisely after reading this question that I received strong energetic signals, and it was upon leafing through the remaining journal and reaching the "Proyeccion Assistential" personal account that I pieced these ideas together.


The concept that emerged the night before P.M.’s primo-projection is a Joint Assisted-Assistential Projection self-development, altruism, and research program.  The group can be comprised of volunteers at a C.I. or the more emotionally-stable, minimally-trained, trust-worthy, and motivated-active members of an community like the Science of Self Club in Gainesville, FL. Participants can increase rapport with the extraphysical team and their assistantial mental targets by volunteering at a hospice (alternatively, at an orphanage, prison, mental institution, or other place with people in need of compassion and energetic assistance).


Utilizing a beta version of Gabe Sereni's online journal system (presented in the 2005 Symposium of Conscientiological Research) and a well-thought-out protocol, the group can document experiences individually and then extract scientific information through posterior corroboration of subjective experiences-observations and objective facts.


Groups in different locations could do the same in parallel resulting in more assistance and more data for the investigation.


It is an intelligent way to synthesize objectives:

- training of situation-critical energetic control (donation, rapport, self-defense)

- development and evaluation of scientific protocols for projectiological research

- verbaction of maxi-fraternity: diurnal consolation task (compassion) and nocturnal clarification task

- accumulation of extraphysical experiences and empirical evidence

- polykarma, universalism: the terminally-ill patients will be 'strangers'

- employs and therefore serves as a validation/refutation of existing projectiological knowledge: theories/hypotheses regarding mental targets, assisted and assistantial projections, bioenergetic rapport, etc.


For the open-minded with little to no projective experience, it may be influential to increasingly predispose them to first projections and empirical evidence of multidimensionality and its ramifications. For those who have previously had lucid projections before, it is a way to accelerate multidimensional activity during the (as I understand) most in-demand task for projectors: as assistants to Helpers in the lessening of trauma of the process of desoma (first and second).


If we truly desire to be a part of this assistantial mechanism, then we should make material efforts during the day (e.g. hospice work) allied with intention and availability during the night. In due time, we will recall bits and pieces as our maturity and the type of work allow. If we periodically meet in groups in the physical plane, we should increase our probability of meeting extraphysically at the mental target on set dates.


While some folks might like to join such a project for selfish reasons, it is foolish as you cannot fool a helper. Above all, it is unlikely that one can participate without genuine fraternity or compassion to make the time commitment and to bear the eventual unpleasant holothosenes and sights of the places where there is need. This is more than offset by the fulfillment of assistance, working along side extraphysical colleagues (specialist helpers) who provide integral support – including restorative post-projective energetic showers.


Although I have had a persuasive string of synchronicities regarding this type of target, I would like to note that there are alternative mental targets that follow a similar logic with similar benefit, such as: other total institutions like a prison, a hospital, an orphanage, or a mental institution; specific projectiological science or self-development inquiries (eg.: brain-parabrain connection/architecture; energetic signals; research of certain aspects of bioenergy; psychosoma; extraphysical dimensions; groupkarma; etc.).


This approach is reminiscent of a group project conducted in Brazil that chose to study the extraphysical activity related to volcanoes. They had heard that more advanced consciousnesses utilized these geoenergies to assist many ill extraphysicals (extraphysical reurbanization process). Within some months, individual accounts of volcano para-expeditions gave place to their first recalled, corroborated joint OBE accounts.


We can also observe that the extraphysical teams invest more on group experiments that last several days and that are carried out consistently and reliably in a continuous or at least period fashion (e.g.: Projective Field experiment). Consciential laboratories – a single location that is frequently used for the same purpose – enjoy extensive support, as well. Realizing this, IAC researchers have designed and are set to build, with the financial support of people like you, the first projectarium on Earth in the Evoramonte, Portugal campus (see Vol. 5, No. 17).


It is important to realize that although this facility will allow the kind of attention-getting research (that looks at whether or not a phenomenon exists) it goes further by testing conditions, subjective characteristics, and effects of the phenomenon. It will inevitably because a center of assistance as well. Through an increasingly strong self-perpetrating holothosene; assistential intentionality; extraphysical para-technological refinement; and patient repetition of experiments, akin to the 27-year program of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory, results of irregular replicability can aggregate to relevant significance. Out with the old, impatient paradigm with its arbitrary rules and expectations of replicability; in with consciential paradigm of consistent experimentation and attention to bioenergy and subjective variables (e.g. will).


Feedback will be most appreciated.


Nelson Abreu

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


The above letter was published in the J. of Conscientiology, Number 30


Addendum (September 2006): Additional support for these ideas comes from the results of an remote perception OBE study at the University of Sao Paulo’s sleep laboratory with IIPC/CEAEC lucid projectors. In the Globo Reporter feature, the Brazilian audience witnessed a surprising case study. On the first night of attempts, one of the projectors was able to identify the correct number of objects (ten) and identified one of them accurately. On the second day, neither projected to the target room; however, both wrote down very similar accounts of extraphysical assistance at the sight of a flood.  As they feared, there was a news report the following morning of a deadly flood in the Amazon region.  The priority in this case was to employ the lucid projectors for the assistance of people who had a traumatic transition, above the goals of the experiment. On the other hand, although outside of stated goals, the experiment ended up producing a very unlikely result that can be scientifically analyzed.