Thematic Movie

27 May 2004

6:30 – 9:30

Reitz Union, RM 285


Movie:  K-Pax, 2001

            Directed by:  Iain Softley

            Writing Credits: Gene Brewer (novel), Charles Leavitt (screenplay)


Theme:  What is it to be human?  How do we understand our own existence of being human?  Is it human rights, human sexuality, genetic coding, or is it simply our experience of existence?   How does our own evolution play into our understanding of being human?  What does it mean for use to evolve?  What are the variables that we use for epistemological understanding of our own existence?  What variables could determine a more complete working definition?  Has our Newtonian Cartesian scientific system of knowledge waited until the proper evidence is presented to acknowledge a subtle existence beyond our physical bodies? What could it mean for us to exist beyond our own physical bodies? Could this subtle existence be explained with our consciousness?  Since the evolution our physical bodies is physical change (from more primal to less primal), could the evolution of our consciousness be the change of the content of our thoughts and sentiments? How can our own understanding of our evolution change the way that we treat ourselves and those around us?   


On Thursday we’ll explore these questions and many more.