00h00 EST Saturday, August 4 to

23h59 EST Friday, August 11, 2004

For members that are prepared to try or have previously had the out-
of-body experience, we are keeping a target for you to identify at
the living room of apartment J-1 of Summit House (SW 16th Ave and SW
16th St). There is a picture of the exact spot where the target will
be located until Wednesday morning (9:00 am).

Target URL:

The target will be revealed at this URL on Saturday:

FLY-IN 1 RESULTS: A globe model of the Earth.
Closest Result - C.T. from Los Angeles:
Something small and round... a coin

Curiously, T.C. from Gainesville and A.M. reported a doll:

Stuffed Pinguen, on top of cd case doll was about 10-12 inches heigh black and white, with silly grin doll was facing in between the front door and kitchen
raggedy ann doll
For each attempt (at least once at night before you go to bed) make
sure you apply a projective technique that will either allow you to
(1) have a continuous consciousness projection, wherein you are
conscious from the waking state into the projective state.
(2) awaken extraphysically after you fall asleep (directly or from a
lucid dream state).

You have until 11:59 pm on Friday to email a text description and/or
scanned drawing to You can also mail a
description post-market by Friday to 1700 SW 16th Ct, apartment J-1,
Gainesville, FL 32608.


1. Relax all of your body, through progressive relaxation (maybe by
contracting and relaxing muscles in each section of your body, from
toes to head).

2. After you are relaxed, comfortable: work with energies AT LEAST
15 minutes. At least exteriorize to loosen the holochakra (energies) and cleanse the holothosene (field) with purposeful thought / intention content. Then work with the vibrational state SEE:
Remain immobile and fully relaxed throughout this.

3. At this point, apply one projective technique of your choice.
Here is one technique:
Rhythmic Breathing

Breath in fully, and out completely (without strain though) slowly
for 6 breathing cycles. Make sure you count your breathes -- to
keep track, and to help you stay lucid and concentrated. After the
6th exhalation/ breathing out, hold without breathing 20 seconds or
as long as you can (without gasping and leaving a relaxed

Repeat this cycle continuously.

Objective: to loosen holochakra progressively more through momentary
breathing stoppage. Each cycle, the disconnection will increase.
When you feel the projective phenomena, remain psychologically and
physically calm, but will your psychosoma to project: to roll off to
one side, to swing, to stretch, to partially project an arm, to
slide through the side, to project the upper part, which ever take
off way you manage. To aim for a particular target (to see one of
your paintings on the projectarium room wall up close).

The first hit gets:
"Dom Luiz I, Rei de Portugal," 1883 Coin

The second:
1 Yuan bill from 1960

The third:
A cheer!

For you hardcore collectors with shaky principles, DON'T EVEN BOTHER


FLY-IN 2 will be open to anyone in the world who would like to have a go at it. Just register so we know you will be trying; then follow the instructions to send in your results.


Please email your:

Name; Location; and preferred email address to