FAQ on Spiritually


Summer 2004


Science of Self, UF



Q:  How do I grow spiritually?

A:  Talk about spiritual ideas with others  Try to find a place were other people have similar interest in spiritual growth, like at the Krishna lunch, don’t worry about being converted, they’re good people with purified food.  Besides Vedic knowledge is the original spiritual knowledge. 

A:  Go to spiritual events.  Be introduced to new ideas and concepts. 

A:  Work with your consciental energies.  Work with your energies means:

·         Develop your understanding; increase your conceptualization of energies.  As with any other area knowledge, the more you understand the more you can work with it. 

·         Increase you control of your energies.  To have control you must first gain understanding.  Also experiment with being exposed to different kind of consciental and environmental energies.  By doing this your perception of energies will increase.

·         Increase the quality.  Know that the internationality of your actions will have direct results on the product.  The quality of thoughts that you have will also determine the quality of you energies.  Universalism (best thing for everyone) and cosmoethics (order in the universe) are essential when working with energies. Know that the kind of energies that one produces is the kind of people and action that one attracts (like attracts like).


Q:  What will work with energies do for me? 

A:  Working with energies will allow for you to develop a closer connection to your spiritual / true self. 

A:  Events in life become easier when the energy of yourself and the environment around you increases towards the positive.  Synchronicities stop being synchronicities and move toward a more constant connection with action in your life.  


Q:  What does that mean to have a closer connection to my spiritual / true self?

A:  To elevate the blocks between our everyday thoughts and the origin of our thoughts.


Q:  What methods are their available to work with energies? 

A:  Many different techniques have been developed over the centuries.  Some of the ones that are available at UF are:

1)      Transcendental Meditation

2)      Falun Gong

3)      Yoga

4)      Christen Prayer

5)      Projectology and Conscientiology


Q:  What are some of the ideas that relate to consciental energies?

A:  Consciential energies are manifestations of the consciousness; the primary momentum of consciental energies is the human will.


Q:  How is projection of the consciousness related to spirituality? 

A:  The OBE is also termed pure consciousness experience.  To experience the self away from the dense physical body is ultimate spiritual experience.  The more knowledge and experience the person has of the true self the more aware / awakened / enlightened a person is.