Conscientiology and Projectiology

are SCIENCES that study personality (its essence, manifestation, evolution) in a multidimensional context that includes the projection of the consciousness (aka out-of-body experience, astral projection) and bioenergy (aka vital energy, psychotronic energy, chi, prana).

There are myriads of applications of Conscientiology in conventional fields of study.
A sample of fields/majors that can benefit from such pioneering approaches are:
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Philosophy
- Neuroscience
- Physics
- Engineering
- History
- Health professions
- Life sciences / Biology 

 An excerpt letter from Waldo Vieira to the reader of Projectiology

Articles / Artigos

One of the first laboratorial experiments on the out-of-body experience

IIPC Website:

-          The Sciences  

-          FAQs on OBE, Near Death Experience (NDE), Bioenergy

-          Articles (4) and a Waldo Vieira Interview

Things that may or may not be possible through the application out-of-body experience and bioenergy manipulation

C+P intro - a compilation of articles to introduce you to C&P


Techniques / TÉCNICAS



Some projective general tips  

Generalities, classification, sample projection technique (

Mobilization of bioenergy & Psychological Projective Conditioning Technique (


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