Thematic Movie

10 Jun 2004

6:30 – 9:30

Location:  Call for Directions


Movie:  Cocoon, 1985

            Directed by:      Ron Howard

            Writing Credits:  Tom Benendek, David Saperstein (novel)


Theme:  Exploring the idea of Bio-energy, what is it and what does it mean to us?  Judaic Mysticism calls it Ruach Elohim (Holy Spirit), Taoism calls it Chi (Qi), Hinduism calls it Prana Shakti (fem), Shakta (mas), and it has many other names like vital energy, cosmic energy, libido.  If this energy does exists at what level does it interact with our physical world?  Is this level the same level that our consciousness also exists?  How much do we pay attention to our own energy system?  Do we realize how that we change or alter our energy at a greater level of awareness?  How would this benefit us in our daily life to recognize our

bio-energic interactions?  Could bio-energy be the carrier of universal intelligents?


This Thursday, come out to share and develop your ideas about bio-energy.  The movie will be shown at Vijay Reddy’s house, give a big thanks to him ;-).  Call for directions

Tim’s cell # (352) 281-7849