UNIV-CON 2003 and 2004

Conference Report & Analysis


Nelson Correia Abreu



ABSTRACT: Paranormal investigation groups that presented at Pennsylvania State University UNIV-CON 2003 and 2004 conferences utilize a variety of equipment to detect anomalous activity in so-called haunting situations and often assist authorities in criminal and missing individual cases.  As a result, paranormal investigation techniques can contribute to th ephysical evidence facet of projectiology work, which can accelerate the expansion of the scientific paradigm.  On the other hand, the out-of-body experience allows researchers to observe first-hand and understand better the phenomena, agents, and the interpersonal energy processes involved.  Hence, the body of knowledge and techniques of projectiology and conscientiology can complement and update the way these problems are addressed.






The II Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Conference was an unforgettable experience for the representatives of University of Florida’s Science of Self Club.  They were introduced to the predominant sorts of experiences, ideas, opinions, and beliefs of the paranormal investigations of the groups involved and their current philosophical and technical approaches.  The approaches and experiences are compared as a preface to an integral proposal for advancing investigations of anomalous phenomena and of the common agent in all human experiences: the human itself, or rather, the consciousness.


Participating individuals such as radio personality and investigator Lou Gentile, organizations such as The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) Family, and even university student groups have accumulated first-hand experiences at popularly-called “haunted” locales and evidence collected with a variety of equipment.  Such equipment is usually lacking in the work of Conscientiology, whose main tool is the out-of-body experience (OBE).  Without physical evidence to supply to the conventional paradigm, it will take much longer to expand science beyond traditional physical barriers.


However, through the projection of the consciousness it has been observed – first-hand – the existence of bioenergies (aka chi, prana, vital energies) and the role they play in anomalous phenomena, the out-of-body experience, and parapsychism.  Just as it was possible to demystify astronomical and meteorological phenomena through telescopes, circumnavigation and satellites, the out-of-body experience can serve as the tool to observe mechanisms, processes, and interactions that are generally invisible in the physical condition or dimension. 


Direct observations and interactions through the OBE have clarified the nature and condition of extraphysical consciousnesses (aka spirits) – including those that cause anomalous physical occurrences (e.g. poltergeist) and negatively affect physical consciousnesses (e.g. violent tendencies).  Above all, projectiotherapy and energetic reurbanization emerge from projectiology as more scientific, coherent, universal, effective, and definite means of addressing these individualities and the OBE can add a new dimension to criminal investigations and missing individual searches – literally.


Understanding the Agents.  The nature of the entities that cause negative or disturbing influence on physical objects or humans is seen very differently between projectiologists and paranormal investigators (P.I.’s).  The latter base their denomination of extraphysical agents as human and inhuman (angels, demons, and nature spirits) largely on religious traditions and physical experiences and evidence that fits with their descriptions.  Inhumans are asserted as spirits that “never walked the Earth,” i.e. have never been human.  Nature spirits or elemental deities (related to earth, fire, water, air, wind) that guard the Earth can be mischievous but not evil-bent. Demons are inherently evil and try to inflict harm on physical persons, while angels are highly positive spirits who attempt to protect and guide persons.  There is, however, little scientific evidence to support this view of extraphysical reality.


Projectiologists, however, have reached cutting-edge, relative truths about physical and extraphysical consciousnesses through extensive bibliographical studies and consistency of about 40 years of experiences such as retrocognitions (past-live regressions in or outside of the physical condition), clairvoyance, and mainly out-of-body experiences.  They observe that all entities are of the same nature – all consciousness that can manifest themselves in different realities (multidimentional); different bodies (multisomatic); undergo several physical existences (multiexistential) before becoming free consciousnesses; and are in continuous development of their skills and attributes through experiences with the environment and other consciousnesses.  Despite the differences in external appearance, levels of consciential evolution, stages of our interdimentional life cycles, and energetic-emotional-mental conditions we are all of the same type of essence – the consciousness.  There is ample evidence of this, as summarized by the treatises of Waldo Vieira, MD and hundreds of fellow researchers.


Approaches. P.I.’s are traditionally physical observers, but they can be interdimensional observers through the projection of the consciousness (OBE).  Currently, they must rely on others (claimed psychics and clairvoyants) and hard-to-obtain physical readings to verify, identify, and attempt to understand the extraphysical situation of a problematic area.  In the future, they can develop their own parapsychism (especially clairvoyance) and projectability (ability to project their awareness, presence, and manifestation into the more subtle dimension where extraphysical consciousnesses act) to observe (visually and telepathically) precisely what is occurring and perhaps why.


Several investigators observed that everyone involved with hauntings such as the famous Amityville case suffer from misfortunes at a higher rate than normal: bankruptcies, severe illnesses, and divorce.  Immense fear, though not a match to their courage, certainly affects the investigators.  Those affected can reportedly even develop altered behavior in a pathological fashion, as if controlled to varied extents by negative extraphysical influence.  Through energy exercises and ethical conduct (and therefore positive energy patterns), persons can protect themselves against negative consciousnesses and their energies.


The main fear of investigators against the use projection to address these cases is the fear of being attacked by powerful, inhuman entities.  From the thousands of consciousness researchers who use projection, none have irrecoverably harmed by any sort of agent.  While extraphysical attack is a real occurrence, so is extraphysical protection and therapy.


Current investigator methods rely on exorcisms to deal with the most severe cases, which may or may not drive the consciousness away (and if it does it may just export the problem to another location and does not mean the problem with not re-emerge at the same location).  Projectiotherapy would allow them to contribute dense energies to be used by helpers – evolved consciousnesses that have attained extraordinary ethical and bioenergy control level – to treat these energetic, emotional, and psychological pathologies of these psychotic postmortems.  The same techniques can be used to restore the energetic homeostasis of all those involved in the case: from the victims to the investigators.


Reurbanization. The detrimental influence pathological extraphysical consciousnesses have on the psyche of the physical population has been observed by projectors and paranormal investigators alike (as well as the relatives and friends of the victims).  Surely, fearing this situation does not make us less vulnerable.  And expelling a consciousnesses from one location to another merely transfers the problem to another location.  It would be preferable, despite the complexity of the process, to attain a more definite and lasting effect through energy therapy of these consciousnesses.  This process of alleviation of negative psycho-emotional pressure, when performed en masse, is referred to as reurbanization. It is usually directed by homo sapiens serenissimi – persons approaching the end of their cycle of existential seriation (reincarnation), logically with several extraordinary and distinctive attributes – with the dense energies contributed by intraphysical assistants and natural, immanent sources.  For an in-depth look at this process, refer to the unprecedented tome Homo Sapiens Reurbanizatus by Waldo Vieira, MD. To learn an effective way of participating in this process beyond educating the public, consult the PENTA Manual by the same author.


Inertia. The main inhibiting factors that will prevent many researchers from exploring this avenue are their fear and beliefs.  Science, however, is a test of one’s willingness to face the possibility that nothing that they believe in may be immune from revision and clarification.  Persons have been at odds with the religious organizations (with varied consequences to their well-being) for defending possibilities such as the heliocentric solar system, which is practically incontestable today. Those who cannot handle that do not participate in it.  In the science of the self, findings will match or resemble many religious observations and contradict others – phenomena such as projection and reincarnation are openly discussed in some traditions and denied in others.


However, it is seems safe to say that our beliefs do not change whether or not they exist. It is interesting to observe that nowadays most projections occur spontaneously – how many of them believed or even knew about OBE or NDE (near-death experience)? For instance, if an observation during and OBE of a physical occurrence can be observed, or if two projected persons remember sharing the same conversation or experiences, do you believe what you yourself experienced or what you were told?  It could be a choice between temporarily trusting scientists (and possible friends and family members with such experiences) based on what has been successfully tested and ultimately having your own experiences and evidence (knowledge) or trusting what is ordained by some (and contradicted by others), based on their interpretation of religious scriptures which may not even be in their original form (belief).


Technology.  Paranormal investigators have used common equipment innovatively to detect what they suspect are indirect or indirect indications of extraphysical consciousnesses.  Moreover, they seemed very careful in the evidence authentication process. Also, taking into consideration low normal background readings and known electrical sources, they correlate measurement levels with the type of haunting classified as:


Residual – Energy footprint of repeated actions with no actual consciousness present

Intelligent – Caused by a present consciousness;

Different intensity ranges corresponding from human to so-called inhuman types


The equipment includes EMF detectors / Gauss meters (trifield, trifield natural, and trifield extended for different size of environment and signal trengths) to detect anomalous spikes of electromagnetic field intensity; air ion counters, which detect air displacement; digital thermometers to detect hot or cold “spots”; cameras (still picture and video; digital and film; infrared, night vision, and super night shot) to detect movement of extraphysical consciousnesses or so-called globules, orbs and ectoplasmic mist.  Audio recorders are used to capture EVP (electronic voice phenomena), where additional voices are recorded not originally heard by most or all of the persons present at the time of recording.


These devices and techniques could potentially be used to help to

-          understand the nature of bioenergies and their relation to physical forces (the first step towards bioenergy technologies for the physical dimension)

-          detect the presence of extraphysical consciousnesses to validate projection observations and perhaps as a sort of alarm.

-          detect presence of projected consciousnesses to aid in experiments verifying projection as an objective phenomenon


Just as there is physical devices made of physical matter, could there be extraphysical technology make of more subtle forms of energy? Do helpers use technology to gather, amplify, emit, generate, or convert bioenergies?


Missing Person Cases. Parapsychism is enhanced during OBE’s – the ability to use energy rapport between places, objects and persons and the missing individuals is enhanced, which in turn could allow investigators to get flashbacks of occurrences and even simulcognitions and intuitions related to the missing person’s current location. Also, one can be develop projectability faster than parapsychic sensibility, although projectability and energy manipulation tend to increase parapsychism.  Much more information can be retrieved through the projection, and extraphysical searching is clearly far superior to physical searching.


Misc. Validation. Can increased parapsychism during projections be used to verify how clairvoyant or psychic someone is? To compare the ephemeral persons observed by schizophrenics with extraphysical consciousnesses? To verify if a witness is telling the truth or even finding out exactly what s/he knows in a legal proceeding? Would this be ethical?




This list summarizes the slow evolution from ‘ghost hunting’ to assistance:


Archaic framework à Multidimensional Experience-Based framework

Non-humans àWe are all consciousnesses, more or less evolved and lucid in various conditions:

ill, healthy; benevolent, malevolent; mischievous, wise, blind, semi-conscious…


Fear, Aggression à Understanding, Control, Self-Defense, Compassion, Fraternity

Fear of Death à Knowledge of Immortality, Purposeful Living (Existential Program)


Vulnerability to Extraphysical Intrusion à Bioenergetic Self-Defense & Integral Health

Human Ethics à Cosmoethics


Sensationalism, Consolation à Assistantiality (PENTA, Spiritual Releasement Therapy),

Clarification (Education)


Remedial à Preventative, Long-Lasting

Dependency on specialistsà Liberation, Individual Empowerment (energy control, cosmoethics)

Limited Physical Observation à Multidimensional Awareness & Paradigm Extension

Exorcisms, Religious Ritual à Scientific Approach

            Transfer the problem à Identify and resolve root cause


Reliance on psychics à Development of own abilities; extraphysical hyperacuity & parapsychic

de-restriction; verification of psychic’s ability


evidence as main goal à Personal to global mind shift & evolution as main goal





The third edition of this conference, which took place October 29 to 31, 2004 was co-sponsored by the Sci-Fi Channel to promote the hit show Ghost Hunters that features TAPS members.  The program opened with David Lindsay, director of the New York office of the International Academy of Consciousness, with a talk on the consciential paradigm. That evening at Heritage Hall, the speaker shared his perspectives on paranormal research and how it fits into the context of consciousness research in general, particularly in light of findings obtained through voluntary induction of out-of-body experiences.  The audience was impressed by how developed the framework was, by the professionalism and clarity of the speaker, and the depth of the ideas. Lindsay went beyond the excitement of ghost hunting and the rare cases of poltergeists by focusing more on very personal implications for the individual, and stimulated development of multidimensional self-awareness.


On Saturday afternoon guests attended lectures on concurrent workshops by TAPS on Paganism and the Paranormal, Types of Hauntings, Equipment and Its Uses, Analyzing Evidence, Pioneers of the Paranormal, Etheric Energy and Paranormal Physics.  David Lindsay provided a two-hour workshop on the history of scientific thought, the basic features of consciential paradigm, and relevance to daily life, which concluded with a session of basic manipulation of bioenergy.


Saturday evening, the promotion of the show Ghost Hunters drew the largest turn out. Attendees sampled clips from the show, including a purported telekinetic effect.  TAPS receives many calls for help for interferes of non-physical beings at residences.  Their approach consists of verifying activity with physical equipment and then proceed to cast out the interlopers through energetic imposition and mystical or religious resources (Catholic, Pagan, and otherwise). They recognized some of the members were more psychic, but they would not share their identities or details of their personal, anomalous experiences.  The show is very popular bringing attending to the paranormal, and care motivate people to be more open to the reality of paranormal phenomena. But it is very sensationalist, over looks more than a century of parapsychology and the more recent projectiology research, and provides outdated, scary information to the public.


The investigators seemed unaware of energetic self-defense or assistance; believed in non-human agents and re-enforced the idea to the audience; did not offer any solution for the individual who is experiencing some sort of intrusion. We interviewed members of the audience that were scared of non-physical reality and spirits, and did not know what to do to “just be normal again.” The speakers mentioned many cases started with inviting and interacting with spirits through Ouiji boards and cases related to negative or abusive behaviors like domestic violence and drug and alcohol addictions.


Sunday started with a talk by Julie Pellegrino on the best-seller The Da Vinci Code, a popular topic (though an odd selection for a paranormal studies conference). Mike Lydon, founder of the Science of Self Club at Queens College discussed how it is that we have come to adopt the predominant materialist paradigm and the features of the emerging science of the subjective. After the humorous Science of the Future talk, Nelson Abreu of the University of Florida’s Science of Self Club focused on the out-of-body experience and bioenergies in Consciential Hyperspace and the Extinction of the Ghost Hunter. 


In Demystifying Poltergeits & Ghosts, Gabriel Sereni of the IAC-NY demonstrated a very diversified knowledge of the subject, which included different views and case studies from parapsychology, consciousness research, clinical psychology, projectiology, ghost hunting as well as his personal experiences – with poltergeists, meeting and interacting with non-physical consciousnesses out-of-body, and parapsychic perceptions developed further through bioenergy control.  It critiqued commonly accepted beliefs and superstitions around how poltergeist phenomena occurs and who the “agents” are behind them, using a new research approach that uses out-of-body experiences.  Sereni covered important implications for researchers and the general public.


The conference closed with famed psychic and star of COURT-TV's "Psychic Detectives." Baron, who appeared at UNIV-CON 2002, returns to share about her experience working with law enforcement on unsolved cases.  She did two readings on-stage for the audience.  For the main event, Ms. Baron held a séance to “contact the spirits of those wrongfully killed during the Salem Witch Trials.”  Audience members were encouraged to participate and observe.  Some of the guests interviewed thought it was incoherent to call upon troubled spirits, after TAPS emphasized how that is one of the causes of more obvious cases of intrusion.  One guest wondered what would happen if the whole audience exteriorized positive energies to help the ill consciousnesses, but bioenergies were not mentioned. The purpose and approach of the event was questionable for some.





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Nelson Abreu is an electrical engineering student at the University of Florida, where he founded the first ever higher-education conscientiology club which played an integral role in organizing PSY 4930 – Scientific Inquiry into Contemporary Consciousness Studies, the first curricular course to include conscientiology lecturers. He was a concurrent speaker at the 2004 Toward a Science of Consciousness 6 conference.