Punctuated Progressive Relaxation Procedure for Will-Induced, Lucid Out-of-Body Experience

Nelson Abreu, International Academy of Consciousness


Developed and tested under a first-person investigation approach, the punctuated progressive relaxation technique has increased the success rate of attempts at intentional, continuous-awareness lucid projections of the consciousness (out-of-body experiences). Itself a phenomenological study, it aims to identify technical strategies that can help more individuals have repeated, conscious lucid projections. Training scientists and the interested laity to conduct individuals studies of direct experiences is crucial to obtain increasing amounts (replicability; joint projections) and quality (lucidity) of observations.  There is still a complementary place for third-person (laboratorial, experimental) research and monitoring equipment - including use of biofeedback, biophoton and random event generators. However, it is argued that a participative, consciousness-centric paradigm is better equiped to ask the more fundamental and significant questions of a new consciousness science: a comprehensive science of subjective and intersubjective experience to increase our self- and hetero-awareness.



Nelson Abreu  is an instructor at the International Academy of Consciousness - Miami and intern of the PEAR laboratory. In 2003, he founded the Science of Self Club which organizes discussions, pilot studies, and symposia on consciousness studies and events on consciousness development. Abreu helped Dr. Barbara Welsch initiate an annual special topics curricular psychology course on consciousness studies at the University of Florida and was its assistant for the first two editions. Currently, he is an undergraduate electrical engineering student at Florida International University and serves as Student Representative of the SSE.


Miami, Florida, USA