Passing the Baton to the Future You:

Prospective Research on Reincarnation through the Time Capsule Project


Nelson Abreu




Reincarnation or existential series remains one of the most difficult aspects of consciousness to verify.  A brief introduction to the Existential Series Theory will describe progress in terms of objective and subjective support of the birth-intermission-rebirth cycle.  The Time Capsule Project is one of the first prospective approaches to study existential series, because it anticipates future investigation by accumulating self-relaying data and objects in a repository. It consists of an electronic database and a ‘time capsule’ for artifacts that can be recovered in a posterior Terrestrial existence. Individuals will be able to search the databases based on several types of parameters including: chronological, geographical, conscientiometric (integral personality testing), groupkarmic (close circle of relations), energetic (comparison of morphic fields of the stored information and the user), and biographical keyword searches.  One could inspect, analyze, and energetically read (through psychometry) the artifacts of the ‘time capsules’ corresponding to the closest matching scores. If a sufficiently convincing quantitative and qualitative match is obtained, the individual could discover where s/he left off in the last physical existence by recovering objects and data such as: handwriting, original work, favorite objects, a lock of hair, nicknames, idiosyncrasies, video clip with instructions to self, biography, journal with in-depth self-analysis including shortcomings and accomplishments, accumulation of knowledge from parapsychic experiences, and preliminary planning for the next life. The energetic rapport with these items could even trigger spontaneous retrocognitions.  Most people, even if quite lucid before birth, experience a tremendous restriction of acuity and access to integral memory with the trauma of physical birth.  However, this system could help the reborn understand how they arrived at their current condition and understand, decide, or recall the best course of action for personal to collective evolution.  After all, to avoid repeating our mistakes, it usually helps to remember them!


Keywords: retrocognition, reincarnation, past life, self-relay, prospective research, time capsule, journal system, conscientiometry, existential completism, psychometry, network theory, paragenetics, intermissive period


Nelson Correia Abreu

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