Paradigmatic Evolution: Guiding an Emerging Reality


Vincent Herzog & Nelson Abreu




We summarize the findings of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab and draw ties to the Consciential Paradigm.  Original methodology born out of a cross-pollenization of Projectiology and Consciousness-Related Engineering Anomalies Research (CREAR) is introduced. In light of the findings discussed, we argue that the conscientiological (consciousness science) community needs to cultivate paradigmatic evolution rather than push for revolution. While we recognize that crisis is the most likely catalyst of paradigm shift, and further that such a crisis is imminent, we discuss why it is not necessary to describe all possible paradigm shifts as "Kuhnian revolutions." We suggest that other metaphors, such as evolution, are more apt descriptors of a shift towards a consciential paradigm, on the grounds that a consciential revolution would fail, that revolution is antithetical to conscientiology, and that evolution is the mechanism of the cosmoethic. We describe the likely stages of a course of paradigmatic evolution and propose practical steps towards the realization of the predicted course.  These steps include the development of marketable technologies born of consciential research and the achievement of collaboration between conscientiologists and physicalists.