RESEARCH PORTFOLIO: – Our current or intended research involvements

Previous Preliminary Studies
Behavioral Effect of Projectability
Exploring Projective Sensations
Projective Techniques (IAC)
Prolonging Nocturnal Lucidity
Inducing the Vibrational State / Basic Mobilization of Bioenergies

Vibrational State

Neurobiology of Vibrational State (Wagner Alegretti)

Remote Perception
Multimedia Remote Target Project
Wagner Alegretti & Nanci Trivellato
Rodrigo Medeiros & Patricia Sousa
Precognitive Remote Perception (PEAR)

Flower Experiment
 -- Practice your control and perception of bioenergies
-- This in turn can develop your psi and projective faculties
-- Be part of the club's first scientific experiment

Parallel Setups of One Experimenter
Setups with Multiple Experimenters – Live
Single Setup with Multiple Experimenters - Online

Measuring Bioenergy Exteriorization Output
Effect of Bioenergies in Multiplication Rate of Microbiological
Effect of Bioenergies on Material Properties
Electrical resistance of gelatin (collagen)
Latent Heat
Biophoton Emission
Anomalous Biasing of Random Event Generators through Bioenergies

Paranormal Investigation
Demystification of Paranormal Phenomena (ICOPS)
Multidimensional Assistential P. I. Model (ICOPS, TAPS)
Projective Field Anomaly Detection (ICOPS, TAPS, PEAR, IONS)
ECP 2 Anomaly Detection (ICOPS, TAPS, PEAR, FL-IONS)
Physical Bilocation of Natuzza Evolo, Calabria, Italy

Survey Series
Survey on Spirituality and Parapsychism
Interviewing the Experts Series
Compendium/anthology of projective / anomalous / déjà vu experiences

Lucid Dreaming & Projectability
Projectiogenic Dreams
Programmed Awakening
Carbon Dioxide & Rhytmic Breathing Techniques
Inducing Lucid Dreams (Semi-Conscious Projections)
Inducing Lucid Projections through Lucid Dreaming
Testing Effectiveness of Combination of Projective `Crutches'
Guided & Assisted Projection
Self- and Hetero-Hypnosis and Projectability (Clinical Psych, UF)
Mozart Effect & Projectability
Effect of Buoyancy on Projectability
Effect of Basic Mobilization of Energies on Projectability

Psychic Signal Logging System (GRINVEX-NY)
Self-Development of Parapsychism (IAC)
Stimulating Consciential Self-Performance (GRINVEX - NY and Rio de

Anomalous Random Event Generator Biasing of Emotions (PEAR)
/ Neurocardiological Field Biasing (Sharon Joy, FL-IONS)

Integral Health (including projective diagnosis, projectiotherapy)
Circumventing Mental and Physical Disabilities through
Projectability and Parapsychism
Academic Performance
Neurobiology of Transcendental Experiences
Retrocognitions & Existential Programming
Sports Conscientiology & Human Performance
Effects of Conscientiology on Criminology & Law
Role of Media & Music in Consciential Development
Animal Parapsychism
Modern Ethical Debates & Projectiology
/ Ethical Implications in Projectiology
Human Sexuality: Evolutionary Duo, Sexuality,Abortion, HIV…
Existential Task
Academic Relations: History; Astronomy, Archaeology, Geography,
Globalization, Overpopulation