Science of Self Club

Elections for Year 2005


What is consciousness? What are we? Are we more than matter? Where did consciousness come from? Does life have a purpose?

Is there life after death? Are psychic phenomena real? What evidence is there? How can we know for ourselves?


Dear friends, I am approaching my graduation and I am counting on a group of you to keep this project going. I am not seeking re-election because

1)      I will have to relinquish it soon anyway

2)      The club will benefit of different leadership

3)      I need to graduate

4)      I want to complete my basic instructor training with IAC

5)      I’m volunteering for organizations like Society for Scientific Exploration and the International Academy of Consciousness

6)      Mike and I are expanding the SoS to other universities and countries



You DO NOT need to be versed in theory and/or practice related to consciousness studies. If you think that the service we are trying to provide is valuable and that is worthy of employing some of your time for it, then you have what it takes.



Executive offices: full-time undergrad or grad student

Committee seats: anyone approved by executive


WHY SHOULD I RUN FOR OFFICE of the Science of Self Club?

If not you, then who? Even though the issues we deal with at the SciSelf can potentially help the whole of society, the fact is that only a minority of persons is sufficiently concerned with them and open minded enough to deal with multidimensional reality.  So, your help is critical. However, it is a sizable minority that can have a tremendous additive recycling effect, a slice of which is represented in this listserv. That means that there are lots of other students and residents in this town who can benefit from this club. All it takes is a team effort to bring speakers to UF live and through the internet and stimulate personal growth, education, research and practice dealing with a scientific approach to spirituality.


The current presidents of the Science of the Self clubs are preparing a manual for this and future SciSelf branches; and people like me will be there for support.



Karin (Law) few experiences, high enthusiasm to learn and help, Unity Week


NOMINEES (unconfirmed candidates):

President, Vice President, and Executive Board

Vince Herzog (Philosophy & Linguistics) former PhilSoc prez; CD 1,PSY4930, Unity Week

Tim Conway (Geophysics) OBEs, CD 1&2; read Projectiology; former SG president, PSU conf

Colin Rackleman (Psychology) magician; experimental research interest; PSY 4930

Ashley Valdes (Psychology, Japanese) consciousness studies vocation; PSY 4930;

Tammy Lo (graduate student) CD 1, Unity Week, advanced personal exp, learning machine

Elizabeth Kendall (Microbiology) some experiences, interest in OBE & dreaming

Lily Kaye (Psychology) wants to lead conference organization; interest clairvoyance; PSY4930

Chris Bartak (Psychology) CD 1, PSY 4930, interest in consciousness theory & experiences

Steve Weiner (physics) new to subject, wants to learn and help out

Mike Dimattia (psych, phil) CD 1, talks, insightful, potential leader

Carlos Pitta (Economics) experiences, CD 1, philosophy, long conversations with Nelson

Rex Taylor (Computer Engineering) OBEs, experiments

Brandee Mack (literature) some exp, PSY 4930

Elsa Boycheva (psychology) crisis ctr volunteer; PSY4930; clinical psych;


Executive Board includes these chairpeople:

Webmaster: helps re-design & maintain SciSelf site
Research Director: oversees SciSelf investigations
Divulgation Director: helps new students find the SciSelf
Conference Director: orchestrates the next big conference
Funding Director: finds mulla & helps treasurer manage budget
Communications Director: assists with tech needs
Education Director: organizes workshops, lectures, discussions
SSN/ICOPS Senators 1 & 2: UF branch representatives for umbrella orgs


Advisory Board (former officers & outstanding contributors):

Nelson Abreu (founder, P); Fernando Tavares (VP, T); Tim Conway (VP)


Key benefits of multidimensional self-awareness:

Recall of the plan of action & relationships established prior to birth

OBE & energies facilitate healthy recall of past-lives, period between lives

Irrefutable personal evidence of life after death; overcoming thanatophobia

Encounters with persons who have passed away; other lucid projectors

Expansion of self-knowledge and awareness

Experience of conscious and controlled OBE’s

Enhanced meditation due to reduced physical restriction

Develop energetic sensitivity, energetic self-defense and balance

Sense and unblock chakras & Heighten psychic faculties

Energetic healing & asepsis (cleansing) of environments & objects

See the “bigger picture” the “backstage” of evolution: Earth & beyond

Develop your universalism, cosmoethics, and serenity (integral maturity)

Anonymous assistance of physical and non-physical persons

Chance to participate in education and research of a cutting-edge science





Improve social conditions through maxifraternity, universalism,
altruism, and libertarian ideas achieved through direct, personal

To catalyze the advancement of higher studies of the consciousness
into mainstream science and society.

To assist students towards identification and completion of their
existential tasks, with training in: parapsychism, OBE, retrocognition, etc


To perform the clarification task (education)
Courses, workshops, conferences, debates, socio-cultural
events, articles

Stimulating experiential and experimental studies

To contribute to scientific advancement and epistemological
enhancement by: Research and publications, debate.

To contribute to others' integral well-being
Preparation for personal energetic task (PENTA) and other assistance

To contribute in a multidisciplinary fashion: Health; Physics;
Engineering; History; Archaeology; Astronomy; Oceanography;
Psychology; Philosophy; Neuroscience; Biology; Botany; Search &
Rescue; Paranormal Studies; etc

To support Florida as an epicenter of consciousness science and
scholarship with:
Consciousness Studies Archive; Courses/Degrees; Research/Facilities



• Training members in the basic theory and practice of consciousness
studies, under the consciential paradigm;
• Organizing presentations and seminars on conscientiology &
projectiology to be offered by officers and guest-speakers;
• Promoting discussions, seminars and debates with the public,
students, scholars and scientists of conventional and non-
conventional fields;
• Organizing cultural, scientific and social events to facilitate
communication between researchers and the general public on the
subjects of conscientiology & projectiology;
• Organizing meetings for members to plan and discuss theorice
(theory and practice) relating to conscientiological research and
the club's goals;
• Promoting social gatherings as a means by which members and others
can fraternize and exchange ideas and experiences;
+ Development of a Consciousness Research Archive / Library


Finding new and better ways to reach a greater audience and increased membership: Paranormal Fun @ Gator Nights? LOL hum……

Develop activities for self-development

Carry out surveys and interviews at UF for research & publications

Carry out at least 1 group research project; individual projects

Apply for funding for research and consciousness studies classes UF

Organize a complete series of the Consciousness Development Program in 2005.

Organize free public lectures with local, regional, internet speakers

Send a representative to at least 1 conference in 2005(present,attend)

Organize 1 conference for Spring 2006

Collaborate with Center for Spirituality & Health (Spring 05 Fair)

Plug in to Queens College meetings (net conferencing)

Digitize recorded audio of previous events & stream online

Re-design website: Mike Lydon is heading this up, but peepz can help

Current Membership: 150; Membership goal: 250


Deadline for nomination/candidacy is Tuesday’s meeting.

Election ballot will be emailed. Reply to that email with your vote by following Monday.

Note: only full-time students can vote.